ADB And MediaTek Tool ( By Dhia Harkati 2023 )

ADB And MediaTek Tool:

Dhia Harkati's ADB and MediaTek Tool is an essential companion for Android enthusiasts. This versatile tool facilitates seamless connectivity to your Android device through a USB cable or TCP/IP. It empowers you to effortlessly transfer files between your device and PC, manage app installations and removals, access the device shell, and screen mirror, and perform a variety of other functions. Notably, the tool extends its support to MediaTek devices, enabling actions such as partition formatting, reading, and dumping, FRP and Mi account removal, and bootloader locking and unlocking, among other features. Its integration with my client's open-source project adds an extra layer of functionality and reliability to the tool.

ADB And MediaTek Tool ( By Dhia Harkati 2023 )

Features ADB And MediaTek Tool:

  • Connection options: USB, TCP/IP
  • List connected devices Port
  • Listening port
  • Kill server
  • Start server
Other options: Device Information:

  • Access the URL (input the URL in the provided box)
  • Shell Access
  • View Screen
  • Reboot Options: [Normal Reboot, Fastboot, Bootloader, Recovery]

App Management: 

  • Install APK.
  • View Installed Apps. 
  • View System Apps.
  • View 3rd-Party Apps.
  • Uninstall App.
  • Search for a Specific Package (enter query in the box).

File Transfer:

  • Transfer file from phone to PC.
  • Android path (input location).
  • Transfer file from PC to phone.
  • Android path to save file (input location to save file).

MediaTek Features:

  • Live Demo Removal (Oppo and Vivo).
  • Format User Data (remove screen lock).
  • Bypass Secure Boot DAA/SLA.
  • Backup IMEI.
  • Restore IMEI.
  • Full Backup.

Partition Options:

  • Dump a Specific Partition.
  • Erase a Specific Partition. 
  • Write to Partition. 
  • List Partition Entry. 
  • FRP/MI Account:
  • Remove FRP.
  • Format User Data + FRP Removal.
  • Remove MI Account

Bootloader Options:

Lock bootloader Unlock bootloader Note:

To execute an operation, select the operation and click the "Start" button in the middle.

ADB And MediaTek Tool ( By Dhia Harkati 2023 )

Info. Details
Tool Name ADB And MediaTek Tool
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 37. MB
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The tools and functionalities provided by Dhia Harkati's ADB and MediaTek Tool present a comprehensive solution for Android users. With seamless connectivity options, versatile file management capabilities, and specific features tailored for MediaTek devices, the tool offers a robust and user-friendly experience. From accessing device information to managing apps and performing MediaTek-specific actions, it serves as an indispensable companion for users seeking efficient and diverse functionalities. Its integration with the mtkclient open-source project further enhances its reliability. Overall, Dhia Harkati's tool stands out as an essential resource for Android enthusiasts, providing a convenient and powerful toolkit for device management and optimization.

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