All Winner Flash Tool (Phoenix USB Pro) Supported EMMC and UFS

All Winner Flash Tool (Phoenix USB Pro)

The official Allwinner Flash Tool, also known as Phoenix USB Pro, is designed to facilitate firmware flashing on Allwinner devices. This utility is compatible with both EMMC and UFS devices, enabling users to perform flashing operations through the EDL mode.

All Winner Flash tool (Phoenix USB Pro) Supported EMMC and UFS

The EMMC And UFS Supported by Phoenix USB Pro Are:

EMMC: A10, A13, A20, A31, A33, R16, A50, A64 UFS: A64, A83T, A100, A113, H6, H616, H8, H816

How to use Phoenix USB Pro:

  • Install drivers from
  • Load FW: Image – choose .img file
  • Press start
  • While holding vol+ connect the USB cable then press the power button 3-5 times
  • Wait till the progress of updating FW reaches 100%
  • The Phoenix USB Pro Software is a Great tool for flashing firmware on Allwinner devices. It is easy to use and supports both EMMC and UFS devices.

Features Of Allwinner Flash Tool

  • Device Compatibility: The tool is designed to work seamlessly with a range of Allwinner devices, ensuring broad compatibility for users with different models.
  • Firmware Flashing: Phoenix USB Pro facilitates the flashing of firmware on Allwinner devices, allowing users to update or reinstall the operating system.
  • EMMC and UFS Support: The tool supports both EMMC (Embedded MultiMediaCard) and UFS (Universal Flash Storage) devices, providing flexibility for users with different storage configurations.
  • EDL Mode Support: Phoenix USB Pro enables flashing operations through the Emergency Download (EDL) mode, enhancing the reliability and stability of the flashing process.
  • Official Allwinner Tool: As an official tool, it is developed and endorsed by Allwinner, instilling confidence in its reliability and compatibility with Allwinner devices.

Info. Details
Tool Name All Winner Flash Tool
Version V 4.0.8
Password Free
File Size 6.3 MB
Files Hosted By


The Allwinner Flash Tool, Phoenix USB Pro, emerges as a robust and officially endorsed utility for firmware flashing on Allwinner devices. With support for both EMMC and UFS devices through the EDL mode, it offers a versatile solution for users seeking to update or reinstall their device firmware. Its status as an official tool backed by Allwinner not only assures compatibility but also signifies a commitment to security, stability, and ongoing support. The user-friendly interface, coupled with features such as multilingual support and regular updates, further enhances its accessibility and usability. As a result, Phoenix USB Pro stands as a reliable choice for Allwinner device users looking to manage their firmware efficiently and securely.

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