CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool Download | Custom ROM Builder (2023)

CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool Download | Custom ROM Builder (2023)

The developer designed this application with the aim of simplifying the process of creating a custom ROM. Although it is currently in beta release, any feedback is highly encouraged and appreciated. The latest version has been developed from the ground up to enhance performance, flexibility, and updateability. It is compatible with Android 10 and boasts a myriad of additional features compared to its predecessor.

CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool Download | Custom ROM Builder (2023)

Features Of CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool:

The application offers comprehensive support for various file formats, including zip, 7z, jar, tar, ozip, md5, img, raw, ext4, lz4, bin,, dat, xz, ofp, and tgz. Notably, it accommodates multiple projects concurrently and allows for the deletion of individual projects or specific partitions. Automatic and selective ROM extraction capabilities streamline the process, and users benefit from the support of multiple customizable bash scripts. 

The inclusion of a convenient debloater enables the removal of apps with a single click. Furthermore, the tool facilitates the unpacking and repacking of boot.img, dtbo.img, and Dtb extraction. It supports case-sensitive files and features the SAMSUNG ROM DISARM by ZonalRipper. Users can create custom images, build images in bulk, or generate super images with a range of available options. Additional functionalities include converting file_contexts.bin to standard text and outputting in formats such as img, new.dat,, and lz4.tar. The tool seamlessly unpacks super.img and is compatible with Android 11 and erofs, providing detailed logs for all tasks performed.

Fixed CRB Android Kitchen:

Addressed several bugs and enhanced the application by updating and incorporating support for new file formats and devices. Resolved the issue associated with changing the ID upon virtual machine activation, ensuring a stable ID even after formatting. Implemented updates to Smali Patcher and omcdecoder, now supporting JSON files.

To decode CSC XML and JSON files:

  • rename the crb_omcdecoder.exe to crb_omcdecoder.exe.bak 
  • rename the file crb_omcdecoder_json.exe to crb_omcdecoder.exe 
  • To decode only CSC XML files, leave the file names untouched.


The key management system has undergone modifications. Kindly send an email to request the new ID, and upon verification, you will be provided with the updated key.## [3.0.0] - 2021-09-01 ### Note - Beta version. ### Added -Support erofs ### Fixed -Fixed a small issue.Fixed extraction beta 8 ### Changed -Payload Dumper

CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool Download | Custom ROM Builder (2023)

Info. Details
Tool Name CRB Android Kitchen Windows Tool
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 231. MB
Files Hosted By


The recent updates have significantly improved the application's functionality. Bug fixes, expanded file format and device support, and enhancements to key management contribute to a more robust and user-friendly experience. Users are encouraged to reach out via email to obtain the new ID and corresponding key, ensuring seamless access to the updated features.

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