DFT PRO Update v3.8.6 Latest Update

DFT PRO Version 3.8.6 Now Available: Introducing Advanced Partition Manager and Expanded Model Support

Experience the latest enhancements with the release of DFT PRO Version 3.8.6. This update introduces an advanced partition manager and extends support to include Unisoc (SPRD) and Xiaomi devices, delivering significant improvements for a broader range of users.

Discover a multitude of new features and enhancements designed to elevate your experience with DFT PRO. Upgrade today and explore the enhanced capabilities that come with our latest release.

DFT PRO Update v3.8.6 (Latest Update)

Features DFT Pro Tool:

  • Xiaomi Special Enable Diag.
  • Read info. Reboot.
  • TWRP Mode. 
  • Wipe EFS || Backup EFS.
  • Root Device || Restore EFS.
  • Reset MI Account ID (New Method).

Repair IMEI:

  • Mi Assistant Read Info || Wipe EFS.
  • Wipe Data Storage
  • Reboot System || Unlock Bootloader Temporary.
  • Wipe EFS Downgrade Modem.
  • Bypass MI Account.
  • Reset FRP (Auto).
  • Downgrade Modem ENG.
  • Wipe EFS New.


  • Service Read Information || Fix Null Baseband.
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset.
  • Reset FRP || Backup/Restore NVRAM.
  • Unlock Relock BL || Wipe NVRAM.
  • Switch Meta Mode || Exit Brom Mode.
  • Enable Repair Meta || Store IMEI in NVRAM.
  • Bypass Mi Account || Disable Update.
  • Root Device || Read/Wite/Erase RPMB.
  • Patch CERT/vbmeta || Remove Patch

WriteMeta Mode:

  • Repair || Read Info
  • Factory Format
  • Boot Mode Meta Mode
  • Oppo Realme in DFT PRO Tool
Oppo Realme:

  • Read Info || Reset FRP
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset
  • Backup/Restore NVRAM || Unlock/Relock BL.
  • Switch Meta Mode || Wipe NVRAM
  • Root Device || Partition Manager
  • Unlock BL New SEC
  • Qualcomm in DFT PRO Tool


  • Repair.
  • Flash EDL
  • QCN Tool
  • Service EDL
  • Read Info || Reset MI Account ID
  • FRP Generic || Reset Mi Account
  • Vivo
  • Erase FRP || Userdata Erase
  • Format Manual Address



  • Repair Tools
  • Read Info || Reset FRP
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset
  • Backup/Restore NVRAM || Unlock/Relock BL
  • Switch Meta Mode || Wipe NVRAM
  • Root Device || Partition Manager
  • Unlock BL New SEC
  • Flash.


  • Samsung In DFT PRO Tool
  • MainTools.
  • Reset EFS Default.
  • Info Reboot.
  • Read Info || Reboot.
  • Phone Call.

Security Tools:

  • Extra.
  • Reset Screen Lock (ADB).
  • Enable All Language.
  • Reset FRP Screen Lock.
  • Reset FRP || Screen Lock.
  • FRP Bypass Youtube Method.
  • Default URL || Custom URL.
  • Alliance Shield.


  • FRP ADB Mode.
  • Reset FRP Download.
  • Reset Reactivation/EE (RMM).
  • RMM Unlock
  • Disable Knox.
  • Fix Demo Network.


Reset FRP (method 1, 2, 3) SPD FRP Reset Reboot to Normal Recovery Mode

Advanced Partition Manager

The enhanced partition manager is a robust tool that empowers users to wield greater flexibility and control over their device's partitions. This feature enables users to effortlessly create, delete, resize, and format partitions, along with the ability to conveniently mount and unmount them. This level of control provides users with the freedom to tailor their device's storage configuration to meet their specific requirements and preferences.

Support For New Models:

  • Realme C11 2021- RMX3231
  • Realme C25Y RMX3265
  • Realme C25Y RMX3269
  • Realme C21Y RMX3261
  • Realme C21Y RMX3262
  • Realme C21Y RMX3263
  • Realme C30s RMX3690
  • Realme C30 RMX3581
  • Realme C33 RMX3624
  • Realme C33 RMX3624BA
  • Realme C33 RMX3624EU
  • Realme C53 RMX3760 
  • Realme Narzo N53 RMX3761
  •  Realme C53 RMX3762

Xiaomi Repair Network

Beyond the introduction of new features and extended device support, DFT PRO v3.8.6 encompasses a series of bug fixes and optimizations. Notably, Xiaomi users can now take advantage of the added Repair Network feature, enabling them to restore their devices' IMEI numbers. In essence, DFT PRO v3.8.6 represents a substantial update, incorporating a range of new features and improvements into the software. With the inclusion of the advanced partition manager, support for additional devices, and the resolution of bugs, DFT PRO stands out as an even more potent tool for effectively managing and repairing Unisoc and Xiaomi devices.

How To Use?

  1. Download DFT PRO V3.8.6 latest setup version to your computer.
  2. DFT PRO Tool V3.8.6 Latest Version Download [All Setup]
  3. Extract the Setup.zip and open the extracted folder
  4. Run the tool as administrator.
  5. The login window will open
  6. Click on Register or Login
  7. Purchase the Activation, it has 6 months, 1 Year 2 years of Activation packages
  8. Now type your registered EMAIL ID PASSWORD in the tool
  9. Click Login
  10. Now you can use the tool on your computer.

Info. Details
Mods Name DFT PRO Update
Version V3.8.6
Password Free
File Size 67. MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


the release of DFT PRO Version 3.8.6 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of this powerful software. The addition of an advanced partition manager expanded device support, and the introduction of the Repair Network feature for Xiaomi users elevate DFT PRO to new heights.

This update not only brings cutting-edge features but also addresses bugs and optimizes performance. With the ability to customize device storage configurations, repair IMEI numbers for Xiaomi devices, and benefit from various enhancements, DFT PRO v3.8.6 emerges as a comprehensive and formidable tool for the efficient management and repair of Unisoc and Xiaomi devices. Users can confidently embrace the latest version, knowing that it combines advanced functionality with a commitment to improving the overall user experience.

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