KernelSU Latest Version 2023 Free Tool

KernelSU Latest Version Release 2023: Empower Your Mobile Experience with Comprehensive Root Solutions

Harnessing the potential of the kernel, KernelSU stands out as an unparalleled root solution for Android devices, providing a streamlined and secure approach to root access management. Renowned for its advanced functionalities and compatibility with a diverse array of devices, KernelSU has become the go-to choice for discerning Android users seeking a reliable and efficient rooting solution. Elevate your mobile experience with KernelSU's latest release, designed to deliver unparalleled control and security for your Android device.

KernelSU Latest Version 2023 Free Tool

Features Of KernelSU Tool:

Kernel-Powered Root Access Control: KernelSU leverages the kernel to establish a secure and streamlined method for managing root access, guaranteeing that only authorized users can wield root privileges. Overlay-Based Module System: KernelSU's module system is ingeniously built on overlays, facilitating effortless module installation and management for an enhanced user experience. Enhanced Security with App Profiles: Users can fortify security by employing the exclusive App Profile feature, enabling the lockdown of root access for selected apps—an additional layer of protection for heightened control and peace of mind.


KernelSU extends official support to Android GKI 2.0 devices kernel 5.10+, ensuring seamless integration. Moreover, it boasts compatibility with older kernels 4.14+, albeit manual kernel building may be necessary for optimal functionality. In addition to its versatile Android support, KernelSU is fully compatible with WSA, ChromeOS, and container-based Android environments, delivering a comprehensive solution across various platforms.


KernelSU offers straightforward installation and usage instructions. Users can find detailed installation guides on the official KernelSU website:

What's New in the Latest Release

  • [Kernel] Fix su not working on android14-6.1 kernel.
  • [Kernel] Fix wifi not working on android14-6.1 kernel.
  • [Module] Add missing groups for App Profile.
  • [Module] Fix changelog fetch failed.
  • [Module] Fix the module page blank when the module id is absent.
  • [Manager] Add translations.

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KernelSU stands out as a powerful and versatile root solution for Android devices, offering a secure and efficient approach to root access management. With official support for Android GKI 2.0 devices and compatibility with older kernels, including manual build options, KernelSU ensures a broad range of device support. The inclusion of WSA, ChromeOS, and compatibility with container-based Android environments further highlights its adaptability across diverse platforms. Elevate your mobile experience with KernelSU, a comprehensive solution that combines advanced functionalities with robust compatibility.

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