UAT PRO V158.01 (18th November 2023 ) MTK Update

UAT PRO V158.01 [18th November 2023] MTK Update: Harnessing the Potential of Mediatek:

A wave of anticipation sweeps through the tech community as UAT PRO unveils its newest iteration, V158.01, on November 18, 2023. This update introduces a myriad of improvements, with a particular focus on the Mediatek Module. This marks a significant breakthrough for users handling devices from renowned brands such as VIVO, OPPO, SAMSUNG, TECNO, INFINIX, and ITEL.

UAT PRO V158.01 (18th November 2023 ) MTK Update

UAT PRO Version 158.01 Overview:

  • Expansive Preloader Exploit The Preloader Exploit feature has been expanded to encompass devices from diverse brands, including VIVO, OPPO, SAMSUNG, TECNO, INFINIX, and ITEL, unlocking new possibilities for users.
  • Enhanced Device Information Retrieval Discovering intricate details about your device is now more enhanced with the Extended Read Device Info function, delivering comprehensive information for an even smoother user experience.
  • Streamlined Bootloader Unlock | Relock Unlocking and relocking bootloaders have been streamlined, now offering seamless support for a broader spectrum of devices, providing users with enhanced flexibility.
  • RPMB Operations - Read | Write | Erase The RPMB Read | Write | Erase functionality ensures the secure and efficient management of Replay Protected Memory Block operations.
  • FRP Reset-Erase Method Solving the challenge of Factory Reset Protection is simplified with the Reset FRP - Erase Method, presenting a reliable solution for bolstering device security.

Advanced Features:

  • Secure Format | Factory Reset Method The Secure Method for Format | Factory Reset guarantees a safe and thorough wipe of device data, prioritizing user safety.
  • Personalized Format | Factory Reset - Userdata Approach For users seeking a customized reset, the Userdata Method in Format | Factory Reset offers a tailored experience to meet individual preferences.
  • Comprehensive Factory Reset + FRP Integration The combination of Factory Reset with FRP ensures a comprehensive device reset while upholding stringent security protocols.
  • Expanded Bootloader Unlock - Redmi 6, 6A The Bootloader Unlock feature now extends its support to include Redmi 6 and 6A, catering to a wider user base.
  • Reliable Generic IMEI Reading The Generic IMEI Read function provides users with a dependable method to access and verify their device's International Mobile Equipment Identity. 

Specialized Functions:

  • Precision IMEI Reading for Vivo Tailored for Vivo device users, the Read IMEI function ensures accurate and efficient retrieval of IMEI information.
  • Effortless Unlocking of Pattern Lock < 6 Dots Unlocking devices with a pattern lock is now more convenient, with support for patterns containing fewer than 6 dots.
  • Streamlined Fix for DL-Image Errors Addressing DL-Image errors has been streamlined with the Fix DL-Image Error feature, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience.
  • Reset MI Account No Relock Method Resetting MI accounts without the risk of relocking is now a one-click process, simplifying account management.

Safety and Maintenance:

6.1 Security Data Backup Option Across Functions Elevated security measures now include the choice to back up security data with every function, granting users a sense of assurance. 6.2 Simplified Huawei ID Removal - One Click Away Efficiency meets convenience with the one-click removal of Huawei ID, enhancing the user-friendly experience of the UAT PRO toolkit. 6.3 Advanced Preloader Dumping Capability For tech-savvy users, the capability to dump the preloader provides valuable insights into device internals, catering to advanced analysis. 6.4 Seamless Elimination of Orange-State Message Getting rid of the Orange-State message is now hassle-free, ensuring a clean and professional device status presentation. Advanced Patching and Backup 7.1 Fortified DM-Verity Patching The DM-Verity patching feature fortifies device security by adding an additional layer, preventing unauthorized modifications. 7.2 Flexible Firmware Backup - Auto and Manual Options Users now enjoy the flexibility to opt for either auto or manual methods for firmware backup, catering to diverse preferences.

Meta Mode Functions:

  • IMEI Repair for Meta Models IMEI repair functionality extends its benefits to Meta models, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient repair process.
  • Streamlined Info Retrieval in Meta Mode Accessing device information in Meta Mode is now more straightforward, ensuring users obtain the data they need with ease.
  • Advanced Reset Solutions - Format | Factory Reset in Meta Mode The Meta Mode for Format | Factory Reset provides advanced users with a comprehensive reset solution tailored to their specific needs.
  • Enhanced Format | Factory Reset for OPPO - Meta Mode OPPO users can now leverage Meta Mode in Format | Factory Reset, adding to the toolkit's versatility and expanding its capabilities.

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The UAT PRO V158.01 release on November 18, 2023, is a game-changer. The Mediatek Module upgrades offer expanded support for top brands, ensuring a transformative user experience. Notable features include a secure Preloader Exploit, Extended Read Device Info, and seamless Bootloader Unlock. The toolkit also introduces advanced security options, streamlined functions, and Meta Mode capabilities for a comprehensive device management solution. Overall, UAT PRO continues to evolve, providing users with enhanced security, convenience, and versatility.

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