Android Utility Tool V124 Latest Update 2023


Android Utility Tool V124 - Latest Update Resolving All Errors:

Introducing Android Utility Tool V124 - the latest update addressing all errors! This popular GSM software for Windows computers, developed by Mofadal.M.Salem, is now even more powerful and user-friendly. Download for free and enjoy lifetime access to new features and bug fixes. Upgrade now for an enhanced smartphone management experience!

Android Utility Tool V124 Latest Update 2023

Android Utility Tool Note:

That while the tool is accessible for free, its complete functionality is harnessed exclusively by technicians when working with any smartcard that can be connected to a computer and operated using the tool. Even if you are a regular user, you can still leverage numerous features of the tool; however, certain limitations are imposed on non-technician users.

Features of Android Utility Tool:

Disable Auth: Bypass DAA/SLA lock on your device.
Read ADB Info: Retrieve device information using ADB. 
Dump Preloader: Extract preloader data from your device.
Read Fastboot Info: Obtain device information using Fastboot.
Read Part (Meta): Read device partitions. 
Analyze Preloader: Analyze the preloader on your device.
Format Part (Meta): Format device partitions.
Analyze MTK DA: Analyze MTK DA on your device.
Reboot Meta: Reboot your device into Meta mode. 
Write Part (Meta): Write to device partitions. 
Crash Preloader Brom: Crash the preloader on your device.
Reboot Factory Mode: Reboot your device into factory mode.
Dump NV Regions (Meta): Dump NV regions of your device. 
FRL-L22 Y9A DL to Brom: Switch your device to Brom mode.
Reboot AT Mode: Reboot your device into AT mode.
Dump User Area (Meta): Dump the user area of your device.
Vivo Demo Remove (AT): Remove the demo version on Vivo devices.
Reboot Fastboot: Reboot your device into fastboot mode.
Dump PGPT (Meta): Dump the PGPT of your device.
Extract Super IMG: Extract the Super IMG from your device.
Dump EXT_CSD (Meta): Dump the EXT_CSD of your device.
Disable Payjoy App (ADB): Turn off the Payjoy app on your device.
Extract OFP (MTK + Qualcomm): Extract the OFP from your device.
PGPT to Scatter: Convert the PGPT to scatter format.
Read NVRAM (Meta): Read the NVRAM of your device. 
Extract Samsung ROM (MTK): Extract the Samsung ROM from your device.
Scatter to PGPT: Convert scatter to PGPT format.
Write NVRAM (Meta): Write to the NVRAM of your device.
Extract Huawei Update (MTK): Extract the Huawei update from your device.
EMMC Health Check (Meta): Check the health of the EMMC on your device.
Wipe NVRAM (Meta): Wipe the NVRAM of your device. 
Unlock Network (Meta): Unlock your device's network.
Extract RedMagic (Payload.bin): Extract the RedMagic from your device.
GEN FRP Reset PKG (Meta): Generate the FRP Reset PKG.

Android Utility Tool What's new:

Added support for Samsung Galaxy A14 (A145RXXS4) BIT 4 (Force/Exit) BROM and introduced Huawei Hisilicon Read & write firmware and DUMP via fastboot mode. This software is for educational purposes only, allowed under specific conditions, provided 'as-is' without warranty. Use it solely for legal mobile phone servicing, and do so at your own risk.

How to Use Android Utility Tool:

Begin by downloading the zip file from the link provided below. 

Unzip all the files to the C: drive (ensure this location for optimal functionality). 

Disable your antivirus software before initiating the installation process.

Open the designated folder and install the setup file following the basic instructions. 

Run the "AndroidUtility.exe." 

If you haven't already, install all necessary drivers; skip this step if they are already installed.

Connect your phone and attempt any desired function.

Info. Details
Tool Name Android Utility Tool V124:
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 115.5 MB
Files Hosted By


The Android Utility Tool offers a robust device management solution. Users can easily download, install, and leverage its features for mobile servicing. Follow recommended precautions, like disabling antivirus software during installation, and use the tool responsibly for legal purposes. For assistance or updates, refer to provided download links and instructions. Thank you for choosing Android Utility Tool for your mobile device needs.

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