Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 (Latest Update)

Exploring the Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5: In-Depth Analysis of its Capabilities

The Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 stands out as a robust tool crafted to cater to the needs of Spreadtrum-powered mobile devices. With a diverse range of functions, it proves to be an indispensable tool for technicians and professionals specializing in phone repair. This write-up aims to delve into a thorough examination of the prominent features provided by this module.

Download Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 (Latest Update)

Diag and Power Off Functions:

This functionality empowers users to seamlessly enter diagnostic mode on the targeted device and safely power it off upon completion.

Device Information Retrieval:

Within this segment, users can access a plethora of information concerning the connected device, ranging from phone details to password insights.

Avengers Spreadtrum Utility Functions:

Within this category, diverse utility functions are available, including: 

Factory Reset: Effortlessly erases all data on the device, restoring it to its factory settings.

NVRAM Operations: Permits users to back up and restore the non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), safeguarding crucial device information.

Flash Mode Utilities:

Within this segment, advanced features become accessible when the phone is in flash mode:
  • Boot Info: Gathers information about the device's boot partition.
  • Remove Simlock: Permanently eliminates the SIM lock from the device.
  • NVRAM Backup/Restore: Enables the backup and restoration of NVRAM data.
  • Firmware Backup: Generates a backup of the device's firmware.
  • Repair IMEI: Fixes the device's IMEI number. 
  • Repair Factory NVRAM: Restores the factory NVRAM data.
  • Remove Privacy (beta): Eliminates privacy settings on the device (beta feature).
  • Remove FRP: Bypasses the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock.
  • Reset Userdata and Remove FRP: Simultaneously resets user data and removes FRP lock. 
  • Low-Level Format Userdata: Executes a low-level format of the userdata partition. 
  • Safe Format Userdata: Safely formats the userdata partition without affecting other partitions. 
  • Diag Mode IMEI SN WIFI: In this section, users gain the ability to read and write IMEI, SN, and WIFI information in diagnostic mode.

Avengers Spreadtrum How To Use:

Certainly, here's a concise guide on using the Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5: 
  • Install Software: Install the Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 on your computer. 
  • Connect Device: Connect your Spreadtrum-based mobile device to the computer via USB. 
  • Launch Module: Open the module software on your computer. 
  • Select Function: Choose the specific function you want to perform (e.g., factory reset, IMEI repair).
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Adhere to on-screen prompts and instructions. 
  • Wait for Completion: Allow the module to complete the selected operation. 
  • Review Results: Check for any error messages or completion status. 
  • Disconnect Device: Safely disconnect your mobile device.
Always exercise caution, back up data, and seek professional assistance if unsure about specific operations.

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Version 2023
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Download Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 (Latest Update)


The Avengers Spreadtrum Module 2.1.5 is a powerful tool designed for servicing Spreadtrum-based mobile devices. With its diverse features, including diagnostics, utility functions, and flash mode capabilities, it proves invaluable for technicians and phone repair specialists. Users should follow the installation process, connect their devices, select the desired function, and carefully follow on-screen instructions. Patience during operations and a thorough review of results are crucial. Always exercise caution, back up data, and seek professional guidance if needed to ensure a smooth and successful experience with the module.

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