Explore the Latest Xiaomi Fire Tool 2.2 Update with Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)


XiaomiFireTool - Your Ultimate Solution for Xiaomi Phone Repairs

Experience the power of Xiaomi Fire Tool, a dedicated service tool designed for repairing Xiaomi phones. With support for every Xiaomi phone in the market, this user-friendly interface makes it easy to flash firmware, unlock Mi accounts, and remove FRP locks.

Explore the Latest Xiaomi Fire Tool 2.2 Update with Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Xiaomi Fire Tool Overview:

Supports flashing all Xiaomi phones.

Facilitates Fastboot to EDL transitions.

Removes FRP in Recovery Mode.

User-friendly interface.

Fixes issues like bricked phones, Fastboot Mode hang-ups, Recovery Mode obstacles, frozen devices, boot loops, Mi account locks, and FRP-locked phones.

How to Use:

Download and install Xiaomi Fire Tool on your PC.

Connect your Xiaomi phone via USB.

Launch Xiaomi Fire Tool, select your device.

Click "Flash Firmware," choose firmware file.

Click "Flash" to start the process.

Xiaomi Fire Tool will flash the firmware, and your phone will reboot.


Resolves various Xiaomi phone issues.

Easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

For persistent Xiaomi phone problems, trust the Xiaomi Fire Tool for a reliable solution.

Xiaomi Fire Tool Latest Features

Qualcomm Flash

ADB Fastboot Operations:

Mi Assistant:

Read Infos

Remove FRP

Wipe Storage


Read Infos

Fastboot to EDL

EFS Repair:

EFS Repair (EDL)

EFS Backup

EFS Restore

Auto reboot on finish


New Models Added Auth Free!

No credit needed for old models' operations!

Explore operations for new models

Upgrade now and enjoy enhanced capabilities!

Info. Details
Tool Name Xiaomi Fire Tool 2.2 
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 51.28 MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


The latest update brings exciting features to the Xiaomi Fire Tool, including Qualcomm Flash and a range of ADB Fastboot operations through Mi Assistant and Fastboot modes. The addition of EFS Repair functionalities, with options for backup and restore, further enhances the tool's utility. Notably, the update includes support for new models without the need for authentication credits. With these advancements, the Xiaomi Fire Tool remains a reliable and versatile solution for addressing various issues and performing essential operations on Xiaomi phones. Upgrade now to experience the benefits of these new features.

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