Magnet AXIOM v780.38310 Free With Activator (Latest Update)


Get Magnet AXIOM v780.38310 With Activator

Magnet AXIOM stands as an all-encompassing digital investigation platform meticulously crafted to assist law enforcement agencies, corporations, and diverse organizations in the seamless acquisition, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence from an array of sources, encompassing:

Magnet AXIOM v780.38310 Free With Activator (Latest Update)

Magnet Axiom Features:

Data Acquisition & Processing:

Streamlined Single Stage Processing

Mobile Workflows for Locked Devices

Cloud Forensics Capabilities

Support for Diverse Evidence Sources

Powerful Analytics:

Chronological Timeline Visualization

Connections Identification

AI-Powered Magnet.AI Analysis

Advanced Filtering and YARA Rules

Enhanced Workflow & Collaboration:

Standardized Workflows with Magnet AUTOMATE

Secure Evidence Sharing via Magnet REVIEW

Collaboration Tools for Examiner Teams

Reporting & Presentation:

Multi-format Report Generation (Excel, PDF, HTML)

Customizable Report Templates

Data Visualization for Clear Presentations

single-stage processingMagnet AXIOM 7.0 Highlights:

AI-Powered Content Identification:

Integrating advanced AI from Thorn to spot illicit content.

Effortless Collaboration with Magnet REVIEW:

Export Tags and Comments seamlessly.

Privileged Material Workflow:

Dedicated process for handling privileged material.

Improved Artifact Exploration:

Enhanced multi-artifact view for quicker insights.



The tool seamlessly operates on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Backup Advisory:

Prior to experimenting with the aforementioned tool, it's highly recommended to take a comprehensive backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any firmware or recovery carries the risk of potentially bricking the device.


Magnet AXIOM is the result of the hard work and dedication of its developer. Full credit is attributed to the developer for generously sharing this tool with the community free of charge.

BeforeUsage Instructions:


Begin by downloading the zip file from the provided link.

Unzip to C: Drive:

Unzip all files directly to the C: drive (this step is crucial).

Disable Antivirus:

Before initiating the installation, ensure that your antivirus is temporarily disabled.


Open the designated folder and install the setup file, following basic instructions.

Run "Axiom Setup":

Execute the "Axiom Setup" to kickstart the installation process.

Completion of Installation:

Once the installation setup is complete, proceed to the next step.

Cracked Content:

Move or copy the cracked content files into the Axiom installed setup directory, typically located at C:\Program Files\Magnet Forensics\Magnet AXIOM.

Follow these steps meticulously to ensure a smooth and effective setup process.

Info. Details
Tool Name Magnet AXIOM v780.38310
Version 2023
Password @DevirtualizeME]
File Size 745. KB
Files Hosted By


The tool is compatible with a range of Windows operating systems, ensuring broad accessibility. Users are strongly advised to back up their personal data before using the tool, especially when engaging in activities like firmware or recovery flashing that carries a risk of device malfunction.

Credit is duly given to the developer of Magnet AXIOM for providing this tool free of charge, contributing significantly to the accessibility of digital forensic resources, and empowering users in their investigative endeavors.

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