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Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 – Download for Free Now:

Calling all forensic investigators and data analysts! The robust Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 is now accessible for complimentary download and activation. Packed with an array of new features and improvements, this cutting-edge version is indispensable for fulfilling your digital investigation requirements.

Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 Keygen Download

Oxygen Features:

  • Inclusion and deciphering of physical images from Honor 7S and Huawei Y5 devices.
  • Expanded public data extraction capabilities through iOS Agent. 
  • Compatibility for extracting data from iOS 17 devices. 
  • Advanced decryption capabilities for VeraCrypt containers, including those with key files. 
  • Added support for Xiaomi Redmi devices. 
  • Improved extraction of hardware keys and decryption of physical dumps from Xiaomi devices utilizing the Qualcomm SDM439 chipset.

Installation Guide:

  • Begin by downloading and installing the Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 setup.
  • Next, download and extract the provided files. 
  • Replace the original files in the installed folder with the extracted cracked files. 
  • Launch Oxygen Forensic Detective. 
  • The hardware key will automatically be copied to your clipboard. 
  • Open the keygen (WLGen_Oxygen.exe) and access "License Manager." 
  • Create a new license using the following details: 

Customer Name: user 

Company Name: BlackHat 

Hardware ID: Paste the copied hardware key 

  • Click "Save." 
  • Choose your username from the list and click "Create License Key." 
  • A folder named "user-BlackHat" will be generated. 
  • Inside the "user-BlackHat" folder, copy the "Oxygen.dat" file. 
  • Paste the "Oxygen.dat" file into the following locations: 

Installed Oxygen Detective root folder 

Data folder 

Device Extractor folder 

Documents folder ... and any other applicable sub-folders 

  • Copy the "oxydetectivekey.dat" file from the crack zip and paste it here: C:/Users/BlackHat/AppData/Roaming/OxygenEngine (Replace "BlackHat" with your system username) 
  • Additionally, copy the "Passware" folder from the crack zip and paste it here: C:/Users/BlackHat/AppData/Roaming (Replace "BlackHat" with your system username) 
  • Run Oxygen Forensic Detective from your desktop and enjoy the full functionality:

Oxygen Disclaimer:

This procedure is intended for educational purposes exclusively. Please ensure the responsible and ethical use of this software. The author disclaims responsibility for any misuse of the provided information.


Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.16.0.1 Release Installation Guide 

Notes: https://oxygenforensics.com/uploads/press_kit/OFDv160ReleaseNotes.pdf

Unlock the advanced features of Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 by following this installation guide. Watch the video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. This free download and activation guide will empower your digital forensics investigations with the cutting-edge capabilities of Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1. (Link to video tutorial)

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Version 2023
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The Oxygen Forensic Detective 16.0.1 stands as a crucial tool for forensic investigators and data analysts alike. Its cutting-edge features and enhancements make it an indispensable asset for fulfilling the intricate demands of digital investigations. Download and activate this advanced version today to stay at the forefront of your field and effectively meet the challenges of modern digital forensics.

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