Pandora Tool Pro V6.3 (Latest Update)


Pandora Box V6.3 New Update Released Today! 

The PANDORA Tool 6.3 update brings a wealth of enhancements, including added support for new Vivo security features in Preloader mode and expanded capabilities for Samsung MTK phones. Let's explore the key features and improvements introduced in this update.

Pandora Tool Pro V6.3 (Latest Update)

What's New in Pandora Box V6.3:

Enhanced Vivo Security Support in Preloader Mode:

Pandora Tool 6.3 now extends its compatibility by incorporating support for new Vivo security features in Preloader mode. Users dealing with Vivo phones equipped with MT6781, MT6853, MT6891, and MT6893 processors will benefit from this update, as it provides a comprehensive toolset for enhanced security features.

Reset FRP in Download Mode (ODIN) for Samsung MTK Phones:

A notable addition to Pandora Tool's functionality is the ability to reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) in Download Mode (ODIN), specifically tailored for Samsung MTK phones. This feature offers users a convenient and effective way to manage FRP settings on their Samsung devices.

Expanded Support for Samsung Phones:

Pandora Tool 6.3 introduces support for a variety of Samsung phones, enriching its compatibility with the latest models. Newly supported Samsung devices include:

  • SM-A136B, SM-A136M Galaxy A13 5G
  • SM-A137F Galaxy A13
  • SM-A145P, SM-A145R Galaxy A14
  • SM-A146P, SM-A146U, SM-A146

Pandora Box V6.2 Changelog Highlights:

New CPU Support in Preloader Mode:

Pandora 6.2 introduces support for the latest CPUs in Preloader mode, including Dimensity 930 and Dimensity 7020 (MT6855), ensuring optimal performance for devices powered by these processors.

Enhanced Preloader Mode for Vivo Phones:

Preloader mode support is expanded to new Vivo phones, specifically the Vivo Y77 5G (PD2219, V2219A). The update also enhances security features for Vivo devices with MT6765, MT6768, MT67833, and MT6877 processors.

Improved Flashing of Multi-Image SUPER Firmwares:

Users dealing with Multi (Separate) Image SUPER firmware, like those from OPPO and Realme, benefit from improved flashing capabilities, ensuring a smoother process.

Fixed MTK Flashing Bugs:

Addressed and resolved various bugs associated with MediaTek (MTK) flashing, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the flashing process.

Expanded Support for Realme Phones:

Significant expansion of support for Realme phones in Preloader mode, including models like Realme V11s 5G, Realme C20A, Realme V20, Realme 9i 5G, Realme 10 5G, Realme Q5x, Realme 10S 5G, Realme V30T, Realme V30, Realme 10 Pro Plus, Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G, Realme Narzo 60, Realme 11 4G, Realme 11 Pro 5G, and more.

Added Support for New OPPO Phones:

Extended support to new OPPO phones in Preloader mode, including Oppo A77 4G, Oppo A57 4G, Oppo F11, Oppo A17k, Oppo A17, Oppo A58 4G, Oppo A38, Oppo A18, Oppo A78 5G, Oppo A79 5G, OPPO Reno8 5G, and Oppo Reno10 (China) 5G.

Inclusion of New Ulefone Phones:

Introduction of support for various Ulefone phones, such as Armor X11 Pro, Armor 17 Pro, Armor 20WT, Armor 21, Armor 22, Armor 24, Armor Pad 2, Note 17 Pro, Armor 12S, Power Armor 19, Power Armor 19T, Armor Pad, Armor Pad Lite, Armor X12, Armor X12 Pro, Armor X13, Note 14, Note 15, Armor 16 Pro, Power Armor 18, Power Armor 18T, and Power Armor X11 Pro.

Support for Unisoc Nokia Phones:

Pandora 6.2 adds support for Unisoc Nokia phones, including TA-1511 Nokia C31, TA-1516 Nokia G22, and TA-1528 Nokia G22.

Bug Fixes and Firmware Upload:

Various bug fixes contribute to the overall stability and performance of the software. Additionally, new firmware has been uploaded to provide support for the latest devices and configurations.

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Pandora Box V6.2 is a feature-packed update, enhancing support for the latest CPUs, extending compatibility with Vivo phones, and improving flashing capabilities for Multi-Image SUPER firmware. Bug fixes and firmware updates contribute to a more stable and efficient tool. The expanded support for Realme, OPPO, Ulefone, and Unisoc Nokia phones highlights Pandora 6.2 as a versatile solution, ensuring users have a reliable tool for diverse device management needs.

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