Qualcomm PL Tool By Paing Lay 2023 (New Tool)


Exploring the Qualcomm PL Tool: A Comprehensive Overview and Download Guide for 2023

The Qualcomm PL Tool is a specialized application tailored for devices powered by Qualcomm processors. While it is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, its optimal performance has been verified through rigorous testing on older Qualcomm CPUs. Utilizing this tool effectively may require some technical expertise. In this article, we will delve into the features of the Qualcomm PL Tool, providing insights for potential users to explore its functionalities on their computers.

Qualcomm PL Tool By Paing Lay Download 2023 (New Tool)

Features of Qualcomm PL Tool:

  • ADB//FASTBOOT//Sideload MODE: 
  • Device Info 
  • Sideload Mode 
  • Factory Reset 
  • Mi Acc Relock Fix 
  • Fix Force Close 
  • EDL //9008 mode functions: 
  • Auto/Manual Loader 
  • Remove User Lock (Data Loss-Free) 
  • Remove FRP Lock 
  • Remove Xiaomi Acc Lock
  • Xiaomi Features: 
  • User Lock Removal from Sideload 
  • Device Info 
  • Factory Reset 
  • Fastboot Mode 
  • Check Bootloader 
  • OPPO / VIVO (EDL Mode): 
  • Remove User Lock 
  • Remove FRP Lock 
  • OPPO FRP (Easy Way) 
  • VIVO Account Removal 
  • VIVO ADB Method: 
  • Check Device 
  • Remove User Lock 
  • Remove FRP 
  • Reboot Phone 
  • Huawei (EDL): 
  • Remove FRP Lock 
  • ADB: 
  • Check Device 
  • Read Info 
  • Reboot to Recovery/Fastboot/EDL 
  • Factory Reset 
  • Run Cmd Box

Fastboot Operations and Drivers Overview:

Fastboot Operations: 
Check Device
Vivo Read Info 
Huawei Read Info 
Reboot Device 
Reboot to EDL 
Factory Reset (MI, requires bootloader unlock)
FRP Remove 
Remove MI Account 

MTK Driver Download 
Qualcomm Driver Download 
Samsung Driver Download 
Winrar Download 
(libusb) Driver 
Fastboot Driver 
Hisificon Driver Download 
SPD Driver Download 
Apk Viewer Download 
Huawei ALL Driver Install 
Driver Qualcomm_MTK 
Mtk CDC Driver

What's New In Qualcomm PL Tool:

New Update Release 
Enhanced Qualcomm Device-specific Functions 
Improved EDL Mode Functionality 
Fixed Com Port Detection Issues 
Addressed Minor Bugs for a Smoother Experience

Usage Instructions Qualcomm PL Tool:

Start by downloading the zip file from the provided link below.

Unzip all files directly to the C: drive (critical for proper installation). 

Disable your antivirus software before initiating the installation process. 

Open the designated folder and install the setup file, following the basic instructions provided. 

Launch the "Qualcomm (P.L) Tool.exe" application.

If you haven't installed the drivers yet, proceed to install all necessary drivers. 

Skip this step if drivers are already installed.

Connect your phone to the computer and initiate the desired function.

Info. Details
Tool Name Qualcomm PL Tool By Paing Lay
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 189.0 MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


The Qualcomm PL Tool offers versatile functionality for Qualcomm-based devices. Download and unzip the files to the C: drive, disable antivirus during installation, and follow setup instructions. Run 'Qualcomm (P.L) Tool.exe,' install drivers if needed, and connect your phone for various functions. The latest updates ensure improved performance, making it a reliable solution for Qualcomm device users.

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