Redmi 10c (Fog) Hang on Logo Fix Using Fastboot Mode

Redmi 10c (Fog) Hang-on Logo Fix Using Fastboot Mode:

It seems like you're describing a guide for resolving the issue of a Redmi 10c being stuck on the logo screen. If you have any specific questions or if you need assistance with any particular step, feel free to ask. It's important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a successful resolution of the problem. If unlocking the bootloader is mentioned, be aware of the potential risks and implications, as it can void warranties and may lead to data loss. Always proceed with caution and make sure to back up important data before attempting any repair procedures. If you have any specific questions about the process or need further clarification, feel free to provide more details.

Redmi 10c (Fog) Hang on Logo Fix Using Fastboot Mode

Obtain Required Files:

Obtain Required Files Prior to addressing the hang-on-logo issue on your Redmi 10c, ensure that you have downloaded the necessary files.  

Follow these steps: Unlock Bootloader (If Necessary) If your device's bootloader is secured, you may need to unlock it before proceeding with the solution. Follow the official Xiaomi bootloader unlocking procedure, which generally involves acquiring an unlock code and utilizing the Mi Unlock Tool.

Enter Fastboot Mode:

Power off your Redmi 10c completely. Press and hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously until the fastboot logo appears on the screen. Link Your Device to the PC Connect your Redmi 10c to your computer using a USB cable while in fastboot mode.

Employ Mi Flash Tool Open the Mi Flash Tool on your computer. Choose the relevant ROM folder and confirm that the tool recognizes your device.

Flash or Rewrite Boot Partition:

Flash or Rewrite Boot Partition Locate the small file specifically downloaded to address the hang-on-logo problem. This file is intended to flash or rewrite the boot partition. Follow the on-screen instructions within Mi Flash Tool to commence the process.

Patience is Key Wait for the flashing process to conclude. Refrain from disconnecting your device during this period. Upon completion, your Redmi 10c should automatically initiate a reboot.

The Verify Fix:

Following the reboot, verify if the hang-on-logo issue has been resolved. Your Redmi 10c should now start up without encountering any problems.

By adhering to these steps and utilizing the suggested Mi Flash Tool, you can effectively address the hang-on-logo problem on your Redmi 10c (Fog). Exercise caution when flashing files, ensuring compatibility with your device model at all times.

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By carefully following the outlined steps and utilizing the recommended Mi Flash Tool, you should have successfully resolved the hang-on-logo issue on your Redmi 10c (Fog). Always exercise caution when performing such operations, ensuring file compatibility with your specific device model. With these troubleshooting steps, your Redmi 10c is now expected to boot up smoothly without encountering the previously experienced logo hang issue.

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