UMT Dongle Unisoc Module Latest Update (2023)


UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module v0.7 Launched

UMT Box/Dongle has unveiled the most recent update for the Unisoc Module, version 0.7, on December 6, 2023. This release empowers users with enhanced capabilities and features for devices based on SPD (Spreadtrum) processors. With this update, support is expanded to encompass nearly all models available in the market that operate on SPD/Unisoc processors, ensuring comprehensive compatibility and performance.

UMT Dongle Unisoc Module Download Latest Update (2023)

UMT Dongle Unisoc Compatible Processors:

  • SC6530
  • SC6531
  • SC6531E
  • SC7701
  • SC7702
  • SC7703
  • SC7731G
  • SC7720EA
  • SC7731C
  • SC7731E
  • SC9863A
  • SC9820E 
  • SC9832E 
  • SC9830A
  • SC9850KA
  • Tiger T310 (UMS312)
  • Tiger T606
  • Tiger T610 (UMS512) 
  • Tiger T612 (UMS9230)
  • Tiger T616 
  • Tiger T700 
These processors are now supported in the latest UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module v0.7, offering users a broader range of compatibility for their SPD-based devices.

Highlighted Features UMT Dongle Unisoc:

  • Boot Info 
  • Privacy Code Reading 
  • Firmware Reading 
  • Firmware Writing 
  • NVRAM Backup
  • NVRAM Restoration 
  • Security Backup 
  • Security Restoration
  • Original Pac Firmware Writing 
  • FRP Removal 
  • Factory Reset
Custom Loader Creation (Enhances tool universality, supporting a wide range of phones).

These features are integral components of the UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module v0.7, providing users with a comprehensive set of tools for efficient device management and customization.

Firmware Operations UMT Dongle Unisoc:

Read phone info in flash and diagnostic modes. 

Write factory PAC files (supported for all phones except those requiring server authentication). 

Read firmware currently supported for SC7731E, SC9863A, SC9820E, and SC9832E CPUs (more to be added).

Write firmware read from the phone for supported CPUs.

Custom Loader:
Users can create custom loaders using phone firmware for unsupported phones.
Method supports most phones in the market (excluding those needing server authentication).

To read firmware, choose a phone or use a compatible custom loader.
Reading firmware from an unsupported model can yield unpredictable results.
  • Added Features: 
  • Generic loaders for more phones: T606 (Tiger T606 Ver2), T610 (Tiger T610 Ver2), T616 (Tiger T616 Ver2). 
  • Support for read info, FRP, unlock bootloader, read/write rpmb, read/write firmware, factory format. 
  • Additional phone support:
  • Motorola E32 (XT2227-2): Read Info, factory format, FRP, read/write firmware, write pac firmware. 
  • Infinix Hot 30i (X669), Infinix Hot 30i NFC (X669D), Infinix Hot 12 Play NFC (X6817), Infinix Hot 12 Play (X6816C), Infinix Hot 12 Play (X6816 Improved).
  • Supported functions: Read Info, factory format, FRP, read/write firmware, unlock bootloader.
  • Read/write rpmb, Reset in Diag, Write pac firmware not yet supported. 
  • Support for other brands like Tenco and itel (under testing - report feedback).
  • Added unlock/relock bootloader using generic loaders. 
  • Added "Erase all flash ic" (caution: wipes entire firmware, including SPL loader).
  • Improved firmware writing using Pac or tool-extracted firmware.
  • Enhanced booting using generic loaders for supported phones.

Using the UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module:

  • Launch Software: Start UMT Box/PRO software on your computer.
  • Connect Device: Use a USB cable to connect your Unisoc SPD-based device. 
  • Select Module: Navigate to Unisoc SPRD Module for desired operations.
  • Choose Operation: Select operation (e.g., Read Phone Info, Read/Write Firmware).
  • Read Phone Info: Obtain device information if needed.
  • Read/Write Firmware: Choose CPU model, follow on-screen prompts to read or write firmware. 
  • Custom Loader: Generate custom loader for unsupported phones if necessary.
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Pay attention to prompts and follow instructions.
  • Verify and Confirm: Double-check selections and confirm device compatibility. 
  • Monitor Progress: Keep device connected, monitor progress, and wait for completion. 
  • Completion: Once done, verify changes on your device.

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Utilizing the UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module offers a streamlined process for various operations on Unisoc SPD-based devices. Users can read phone information, perform firmware operations, and even create custom loaders for unsupported phones. It is crucial to follow the step-by-step instructions, exercise caution during critical operations, and refer to official documentation for specific details. By adhering to these guidelines, users can efficiently manage and customize their devices with the UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module.

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