Unlock and Repair Security (IMEI) on VIVO Y55a and Y55 Without Downgrading


Discover a Fresh Approach: Security Repair for Vivo Y55A & Y55 Without Downgrade

Good news for Vivo Y55A and Y55 users! A novel method for security repair is now available, eliminating the need for downgrading and potentially saving you valuable time and effort. This technique harnesses the power of UMT QcFire and UMT GSM Tool to address security issues without impacting your device's software version.

Unlock and Repair Security (IMEI) on VIVO Y55a and Y55 Without Downgrading

Get Ready with Your Tools:
Make sure you have the following tools downloaded and installed:
UMT QcFire
(UMT) Ultimate Multi Tool GSM Version
Flashing the NonHOS.bin File:

Launch UMT QcFire and go to the "Advanced Flasher" menu.

Click on the "Connect" button and allow the tool to identify your device.

The tool will display all partition files.

Choose only the "Modem" file and select the provided "NonHOS.bin" file.

Click the "Write" button and patiently wait for the flashing process to finish. Your device will automatically reboot.

Activating Debugging Port:

Close UMT QcFire and open "(UMT) Ultimate Multi Tool GSM Version".

On your Vivo Y55A/Y55, access the Dialpad and dial "*#558#".

In the menu that appears, enable the "Debugging Port" option.

Connecting and Restoring IMEI:

In the UMT GSM Tool, press the "Scan Port" button and choose the port linked to your connected device.

Go to the "VIVO" section and select the "IMEI Repair" option.

Input the original IMEI number provided with your device.

Click the "Repair" button and allow the process to complete. Your device will reboot automatically.

Info. Details
Tool Name Unlock and Repair Security (IMEI)
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 31.81 MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


By following the outlined steps, you can successfully perform security repair and IMEI restoration on your Vivo Y55A and Y55 devices without the need for downgrading. Utilizing the UMT QcFire and UMT GSM Tool, along with enabling the debugging port, ensures a seamless and efficient process. Remember to exercise caution and patience during each step, and your device will be ready to go with enhanced security and a restored IMEI.

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