Xiaomi System Destroyed Fixer V1.0 2023


 Xiaomi System Destroyed Fixer V1.0

Xiaomi users often encounter a frustrating error after flashing with Easyjtag or an Engineering File—the dreaded "SYSTEM HAS BEEN DESTROYED." This article delves into the solution: Xiaomi System Destroyed Fixer V1.0. This tool, tested on MiUi 12/13/14 devices, provides a one-click fix for entering Fastboot Mode.

Xiaomi System Destroyed Fixer V1.0 2023

Flashing Challenges and Xiaomi's Error Message:

Following actions such as Easyjtag or employing an Engineering File, users might encounter the disconcerting "System has been destroyed" error. Grasping the implications of this error is vital for a successful resolution.

Introducing Xiaomi System Recovery Tool V1.0:

This section provides an in-depth exploration of the Xiaomi System Recovery Tool V1.0. The tool's compatibility with a range of Xiaomi devices and its efficient one-click solution for entering Fastboot Mode position it as a reliable fix.

How to Use the Tool:

Download the Tool:

Obtain your complimentary copy of the Xiaomi System Recovery Tool V1.0 from a reputable source.

Extract and Run:

Unpack the downloaded file and initiate the "XSDF.exe" program.

Connect Device in Fastboot:

Ensure your Xiaomi device is in fastboot mode. If uncertain, refer to your device's specific instructions for entering this mode.

Check Connection:

Verify that the tool recognizes the connected device by checking its status.

Fix the Error:

Click on the "The system has been destroyed" button. Allow the tool to work its restorative magic.

Reboot and Enjoy:

Once the process concludes, your device will automatically reboot. In some instances, a manual reboot to normal mode may be necessary.

Info. Details
Tool Name Xiaomi System Destroyed Fixer V1.0
Version 2023
Password Free
File Size 14.56 MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


The Xiaomi System Recovery Tool V1.0 proves to be a valuable solution for users encountering the "System has been destroyed" error, especially after actions like Easyjtag or using an Engineering File. With its user-friendly one-click fix and compatibility with various Xiaomi devices, the tool simplifies the process of entering Fastboot Mode and resolving the issue. Follow the provided steps carefully to download, run, and utilize this tool effectively. Upon completion, your device should be restored, allowing you to resume normal operations.

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