Android Utility Tool PRO V124 (1.1.2024 Edition) Latest Update


Android Utility Tool No Smart Card Edition v124.02.2244 – Released on January 1, 2024 – Free Download

Mofadal Mofadal has recently launched the Android Utility Tool No Smart Card Edition v124.02.2244 to enhance user experience by addressing issues present in earlier versions. This robust tool is specifically crafted to resolve common challenges encountered on Android mobile devices. Whether you've forgotten your mobile PIN code or password, faced FRP lock issues post hard reset, or dealt with software glitches, this utility offers comprehensive solutions.

Android Utility Tool PRO V124 (1.1.2024 Edition) Latest Update

Note: Beware of modified Android Utility Tool! Stick to the original setup file provided here to avoid potential PC/laptop infections. If downloaded elsewhere, use Revo Uninstaller for complete removal. Your system's safety is paramount.

What is the Android Utility Tool:

Developed by Mofadal Mofadal, the Android Utility Tool (also referred to as MTK Meta Utility) is a Windows-based program offering advanced functionalities for servicing MediaTek (MTK) Android devices. This free tool empowers users to execute diverse advanced tasks that typically go beyond the capabilities of the device's user interface or standard Android tools.

Android Utility Tool Pro Highlights:
MediaTek [BootROM] Operations:
  • Disable Authentication
  • Dump Preloader (EMI) for test-point
  • Crash Preloader To BRom
  • Reboot AT Mode, Factory, and Fastboot Mode
  • Read Device Info [BootROM]
  • Health Check [BootROM] for eMMC/UFS
  • Read and Write eMMC/UFS Dump (USB) [16MB]
  • Write and Read (eMMC/UFS) [USER_SECTION] Dump (USB)
  • Perform operations on (eMMC/UFS) BOOT_SECTION (LUN0/BOOT1)
  • Manage Orange State (Disable/Restore)
  • Disable Dm-Verity
  • Fix (OPPO/Realme) Download not completed error [Ox992566]
NV Manager Tasks:
  • Backup and Restore NVRAM_NVDATA BROM
  • Restore NVRAM_NVDATA Fastboot
  • Format NVMM_NVDATA BROM and Fastboot
  • Fix (unknown baseband) in BROM and Fastboot
Meta Mode Operations:
  • Reboot to META
  • Read META Info and perform EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset - META for various devices
  • Dump and Download Patched USER_SECTION PKG (META)
  • Enable ADB Debug in META
  • Manage Partition MGR functions in META
Android [Main] and MTP AOA Operations:
  • ADB and Fastboot operations including Read Info, Reboot, Reset, and Flash Partition
  • Xiaomi-specific tasks like G-Lock Bypass and OTA updates
  • MTP AOA functions, launching browsers, entering URLs, and custom URL actions
Firmware Utilities, Flasher, and Service:
  • Extract ROMs for various brands
  • Flashing operations for Samsung, UniSoc, Qualcomm, and Xiaomi devices
  • Specialized tasks for Huawei, including upgrading and flashing
  • Firmware Reader tasks such as reading GPT, writing, erasing, and rebooting devices.
Release Updates:

Added Dead Boot Repair:
  • Resolved dead boot repair via USB for (SM-A032M - Latin America VER) on Samsung A03 Core, tested across all Bits.
Fixed Dead Boot Repair:
  • Addressed dead boot repair via USB issues for (SM-A035F/M/G & SM-A032F/M) on any Bits.
Bug Fixes:
  • Rectified the "Download finished, executing loader..." error message, ensuring a smoother user experience.
Android Utility Tool Usage Guide:
Download Instructions:
  • Begin by downloading the zip file from the provided link.
Unzip Files:
  • Unzip all files directly to the "C:" drive; this step is crucial for proper functionality.
Antivirus Precaution:
  • Disable your antivirus software before initiating the installation process.
Installation Steps:
  • Navigate to the unzipped folder and install the setup file following basic instructions provided.
Run Android Utility:
  • Execute the "AndroidUtility.exe" application.
Driver Installation (if needed):
  • If not already installed, proceed to install all required drivers. Skip this step if drivers are already in place.
Connect Your Phone:
  • Connect your phone to the system and explore various functions seamlessly.
  • Follow these steps diligently for a smooth and efficient experience with the Android Utility Tool.

Info. Details
Tool Name Android Utility Tool PRO V124
Version 2024
Password mfdl
File Size 155.0 MB
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The Android Utility Tool is a robust solution for Android device challenges. Users can follow a simple installation process, including downloading, unzipping to "C:" drive, and temporarily disabling antivirus. With diverse features, including dead boot repair, firmware tasks, and more, this tool proves valuable for various Android device management needs.

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