ScreenLiberty v1.0 - Device Erasure Tool (Windows)


ScreenTime Unlock via OEM Service: A Comprehensive Guide.

Explore a seamless solution for bypassing ScreenTime on select Apple devices with OEM (ScreenTime Removal) services from the SIKK team. This article delves into the specifics of the service, highlighting the compatible devices, the user-friendly steps, and the additional features offered by the SIKK team.

ScreenLiberty v1.0 - Device Erasure Free Tool (Windows)

ScreenLiberty v1.0 Supported Devices:

The OEM (ScreenTime Removal) service is designed to support a variety of Apple devices, spanning from the iPhone 5s to X and iPad CPUs A8 to A11. This extensive compatibility ensures that individuals with diverse Apple devices can take advantage of the service.

ScreenLiberty v1.0 Steps for ScreenTime Removal:
Jailbreak the Device:
  • Initiate the process by jailbreaking the Apple device, granting necessary permissions for accessing and modifying the operating system. This step is crucial for the successful removal of ScreenTime restrictions.
Register Serial Number (SN):
  • Users are required to register the device's Serial Number (SN) via the Auto API 24/7 at This registration is essential for generating the unlock code needed for the service.
Commence ScreenTime Removal:
  • After the SN registration, users can smoothly initiate the ScreenTime removal process in normal mode. This step effectively eliminates the ScreenTime restrictions on the device. Done!
  • Upon completing these straightforward steps, users can fully enjoy their Apple device without the constraints imposed by ScreenTime.
Complimentary Bonus Features:
  • As a gesture of goodwill, the SIKK team offers additional features at no cost. Users can leverage the OTA (Over-The-Air) function, facilitating hassle-free device updates. Additionally, the Erase Disabler/Enabler function is included, providing users with control over the device's reset options.

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The SIKK team's OEM (ScreenTime Removal) service offers a hassle-free solution for unlocking Apple devices from ScreenTime restrictions. Follow the simple steps, including jailbreaking and SN registration, and enjoy additional complimentary features like OTA updates and control over device resets. This service ensures a seamless experience, liberating users from ScreenTime limitations and enhancing overall device usability.

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