FENIX UTILITY V1.3 Tool Working and Tested 2024


FENIX UTILITY V1.3 Tool Working and Tested 2024

Enhance your Android device management with FENIX UTILITY v1.3. From IMEI conversions to bypassing FRP locks, this free tool offers comprehensive solutions. Easily switch between IMEI and HEX formats for tasks like firmware flashing and network unlocking. Simplify your smartphone experience with FENIX UTILITY v1.3.

FENIX UTILITY V1.3 Tool Working and Tested 2024

FENIX UTILITY Tool Features:
IMEI Utility:
Easily convert between IMEI and HEX formats for streamlined device management. Whether it's identifying devices or managing them efficiently, FENIX UTILITY makes the process simple and accurate.

ADB Utility:
For advanced users and technicians, the ADB utility offers essential functions like enabling Diag Root, dealing with FRP, disabling OTA updates, and fixing Huawei SIM errors. Take complete control of your devices effortlessly with FENIX UTILITY.

Fastboot Utility:
Enhance your Fastboot experience with utilities designed to optimize Moto devices:
  • Moto Qcomm Fix Network: Resolve network issues for seamless connectivity.
  • Moto Disable Commserver: Fine-tune your device by selectively disabling the communication server.
  • Factory Reset and Factory Reset 2: Simplify the factory reset process with customizable options.
  • Flash Boot Root: Easily flash boot images for root access and advanced customization.
  • FRP (Factory Reset Protection): Trustworthy solutions to bypass or remove FRP protection as needed.
What's New in FENIX UTILITY:
FENIX UTILITY Tool V1.3: Unleash New Features for Android Devices
The latest iteration of FENIX UTILITY, Version 1.3, brings a wealth of enhancements and additions, empowering users with even greater control over their Android devices. Here's a glimpse into the exciting new features and improvements:

Xiaomi Fastboot Flasher Panel: Seamlessly flash Xiaomi devices in fastboot mode with the new Flasher Panel. Select firmware files, configure flash options, and initiate flashing effortlessly. Monitor device information, status, and progress directly from the panel.

IMEI Utility: Effortlessly convert IMEI numbers between decimal and byte formats, facilitating repair or alteration of IMEI numbers on select devices.

ADB Utility: Harness the power of ADB commands with a suite of practical functions:

  • Enable Diag Root V2 for (MDM Modem): Access and modify modem settings and data by activating diagnostic mode on devices featuring MDM modems.
  • Bypass Claro MDM and Bypass Claro MDM 2 (Beta): Overcome MDM restrictions imposed by Claro, enabling removal of MDM locks and restoration of devices to their original state.
  • Fix Moto Cricket lost Telephone application (MDM): Resolve issues with missing phone applications on Moto devices equipped with Cricket MDM, restoring normal calling functionality.
  • Moto SPR Enable APN: Edit and add APN settings on Moto devices with Sprint MDM, facilitating network configuration and carrier flexibility.
Fastboot Utility: Unlock the potential of fastboot mode with a host of functionalities:
  • Qcomm Reset EFS 1 and Qcomm Reset EFS 2: Reset the EFS partition on Qualcomm devices to resolve network issues or alter IMEI numbers.
  • Set Boot A (Fix Fastboot) and Set Boot B (Fix Fastboot): Switch between boot slots A and B on devices supporting A/B partitioning to troubleshoot boot loop issues or update firmware.
  • Xiaomi Fix System Destroyed: Rectify system-destroyed errors encountered on Xiaomi devices during firmware or bootloader flashing, facilitating device recovery.
  • Generic Unlock Bootloader Method 1 and Method 2: Unlock the bootloader on devices lacking an official unlock method, enabling customization with custom ROMs or recoveries.
Upgrade to FENIX UTILITY V1.3 today and unlock the full potential of your Android experience.
How to utilize FENIX UTILITY v1.1 effectively:
  • Download and Extract:
  • Start by downloading FENIX UTILITY v1.1 from the provided link. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the zip file to your desired location on your computer.
  • Launch the Tool:
  • Navigate to the extracted folder and run the FENIX UTILITY v1.1.exe file with administrator privileges.
  • Select Mode:
  • Upon launching, you'll be prompted to choose a mode: IMEI, ADB, or Fastboot. Select the mode that corresponds to the task you wish to perform.
  • Connect Your Device:
  • Depending on the selected mode, you may need to connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Ensure that USB debugging or OEM unlocking is enabled on your device if prompted.
  • Execute Tasks:
  • Once your device is connected and recognized, you can proceed to execute tasks within the selected mode. Follow the on-screen instructions or refer to the tool's interface for guidance on specific functions and operations.
  • Refer to Instructions:
  • For detailed instructions on utilizing each mode and function, consult the provided documentation within the tool's interface or visit the official website for comprehensive guidance.
By following these steps, you can effectively utilize FENIX UTILITY v1.1 to perform various tasks on your Android device with ease and precision.

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Tool Name FENIX UTILITY V1.3 Tool 
Version 2024
Password Free
File Size 17. MB
Files Hosted By https://www.gsmjony.xyz/


FENIX UTILITY v1.1 offers a user-friendly solution for managing Android devices effectively. With its IMEI, ADB, and Fastboot modes, users can perform tasks seamlessly, from IMEI conversions to executing advanced commands. This free tool simplifies device management for both casual users and professionals, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

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