Infinity CM2SP3 Latest Update 2024


Infinity CM2SP3 v2.22a1s Beta: The Latest Release for Flashing and Unlocking Mobile Devices

Infinity CM2SP3 is an advanced software tool designed for flashing and unlocking a diverse range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. This versatile tool supports an extensive array of devices spanning different brands and models. With its comprehensive features, users can execute various operations, including firmware reading, writing, formatting, security repair, network unlocking, and more.

Infinity CM2SP3 Latest Update 2024

NOTE: Complete compilation of the Device Database is currently underway, but it may require some time to finalize. If you encounter connection issues with built-in loaders, consider using a PAC file as an alternative solution.

What's New in Infinity CM2SP3 v2.23a1:
Infinity CM2SP3 v2.23a1 is the latest iteration of the Infinity CM2SP3 tool, tailored to cater to all Android and feature phones powered by SPD (Spreadtrum-UniSOC) chipsets. This robust tool offers a plethora of functionalities, including reading device information, flashing firmware, unlocking FRP, repairing IMEI, reading and writing QCN, hard resetting, and enabling diagnostics. Notably, the Infinity CM2SP3 tool is a premium program that necessitates a hardware dongle for activation.

Here are the key features and enhancements in the new version:

MemoryTool Initial Release: The MemoryTool is introduced with read/write/wipe partition capabilities. This feature empowers users to access and modify various partitions of their devices, including system, data, and cache. Additionally, it facilitates wiping partitions for complete data erasure.

Updated Boot Pack Files: The boot pack files, containing vital information and parameters of supported devices, have been refreshed. This update incorporates additional devices, System on Chips (SoCs), and options for bootloader unlock/lock and MDM fixes across multiple devices.

Revised EXTCSD Parser: The EXTCSD parser, responsible for reading and writing device configuration and settings, has been refined for improved accuracy and compatibility with diverse devices.

Firmware Version/Strategy Parser Update: The firmware version/strategy parser has been updated to address issues and enhance detection methods, ensuring better compatibility and smoother firmware flashing experiences.
Minor GUI Changes: Several subtle adjustments have been made to the graphical user interface, including hints for protocol selection, displaying estimated time for firmware read processes, disk space verification enhancements, and minimizing allocated storage space during reads.

Internal Improvements and Fixes: Numerous internal enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented, encompassing boot process refinement, improved loader incompatibility detection, autosaving user profiles for selected external PAC loaders, disk space verification method updates, and resolution of various bugs and crashes.

Infinity CM2SP3 continues to be a potent tool for servicing Android and feature phones powered by SPD (Spreadtrum-UniSOC) chipsets. With its comprehensive suite of features, it remains an indispensable asset for mobile device technicians and enthusiasts alike.
Older version changelog:

The latest release, Infinity CM2SP3 v2.21a1s Beta, brings numerous enhancements and additions. This update extends support to over 500 devices, including those powered by various system-on-chips (SoCs) such as T310, T606, T609, T610, T612, T618, sc9230, sc9820, sc9832, sc9863, UMS312, UMS512, and UMS9230. These SoCs are commonly found in devices manufactured by renowned brands like Samsung, Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, Itel, and more.

Features and improvements of the Infinity CM2SP3 v2.21a1:
  • Expanded Devices List: The update includes additional devices in the supported list, facilitating easier device selection for users.
  • Enhanced Boot Process and Loader Compatibility Detection: Improvements to the boot process and loader compatibility detection reduce the likelihood of errors during flashing and unlocking procedures.
  • Autosave User Profiles for External PAC Loaders: Users can now save their profiles for selected external PAC loaders, streamlining future operations with saved settings.
  • Updated Protocol Selection Hints: Protocol selection hints have been updated to guide users in choosing the most suitable protocol for their device and operation, enhancing performance and efficiency.
  • Store Partition Layout in Backup: Users can store the device's partition layout in the backup file, facilitating easy restoration in case of errors or issues.
  • Firmware Read Option: A firmware read option allows users to extract and save the device's firmware as a file for backup or other purposes.
  • Display Estimated Time for Firmware Read Process: Users can monitor the progress and estimated completion time of the firmware read process.
  • Inclusion of Selected SoC Name in Operation Header Text: The selected SoC name is now included in the operation header text, aiding users in identifying the device's SoC and ensuring compatibility.
  • Revised Boot Pack Version Check: Boot pack version checks have been revised to prevent errors caused by mismatched boot pack versions between the tool and the device.
  • Updated Boot Pack Files: Boot pack files have been updated to ensure compatibility and performance with the latest devices.
  • Changed Free Disk Space Verification Method: A new method for verifying free disk space helps prevent errors due to insufficient disk space on the user's computer.
How to use the Infinity CM2SP3 tool:

  • Update Device List: Ensure the device list is updated with the latest additions.
  • Revise Boot Process: Improved boot process with enhanced loader compatibility detection.
  • Autosave User Profiles: Save user profiles for selected external PAC loaders for efficient future use.
  • Update Protocol Selection Hints: Utilize updated hints for optimal protocol selection.
  • Select Baudrate (Connection Speed): Choose baudrate for FDL mode to optimize connection speed.
  • Backup Partition Layout: Store partition layout for backup purposes.
  • Read Firmware: Utilize the firmware read option to extract device firmware.
  • Monitor Firmware Read Progress: Track the estimated time remaining for the firmware read process.
  • Verify Disk Free Space: Ensure sufficient disk space before reading.
  • Optimize Storage Allocation: Minimize allocated storage space and truncate files to actual data size during reads.
  • Write Firmware: Write firmware using layout.txt and gpt.raw layouts with the option to toggle each file.
  • Separate EXTCSD Read Button: Use a separate button for EXTCSD read operations.
  • Guidance on Protocol Selection: Receive hints and suggestions based on selected device hardware for protocol selection.
  • Identify SoC Name: The selected SoC name is included in the operation header text for easy identification.
  • Revised Firmware Version Detection: Improved method for detecting firmware versions.
  • Check Boot Pack Version: Verify boot pack version to prevent compatibility issues.
  • Update Boot Pack Files: Keep boot pack files updated for enhanced compatibility.
  • Verify Free Disk Space: Ensure sufficient disk space using the revised verification method.
  • GUI Fixes: Experience a smoother interface with GUI fixes.
  • Internal Improvements and Fixes: Benefit from various internal enhancements and bug fixes.

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Infinity CM2SP3 tool continues to evolve with each update, providing users with enhanced functionality and improved performance. With a comprehensive list of features, including updated device support, refined boot processes, and advanced protocol selection, users can efficiently manage various tasks related to flashing and unlocking mobile devices. Additionally, the ongoing efforts to optimize user experience through GUI fixes and internal improvements ensure a smooth and reliable operation. While the complete device database compilation may take time, users are encouraged to explore alternative solutions such as PAC files in case of connection issues with built-in loaders. Overall, Infinity CM2SP3 remains a valuable asset for mobile device technicians and enthusiasts, empowering them to tackle diverse challenges in device servicing with confidence.

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