MTK Badar Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool 2024


MTK Badar Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool 2024

MTK Badar Beta is a compact software designed for Windows computers, specifically tailored for MediaTek-based smartphones. This tool empowers users to resolve a multitude of issues encountered on such devices. It serves as a comprehensive solution for addressing various software-related challenges, offering a range of utility tools for seamless troubleshooting. The tool is now offered free of charge, enabling direct usage without the need for installation. For a detailed overview of its features, please refer to the list below.

MTK Badar Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool 2024

Key Features of MTK Bader Tool:
  • Format Factory + FRP: Easily format the device and remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock in a single click.
  • Format Old Type: Format the device using the older method, compatible with some legacy models.
  • Safe Format Keep Data: Format the device without losing user data like contacts, messages, and photos.
  • Erase FRP: Remove the FRP lock from the device to prevent unauthorized access after a factory reset.
  • Erase FRP New OS: Erase FRP lock from devices running on newer operating systems such as Android 11 or 12.
  • Erase FRP (Samsung Test Point): Remove FRP lock from Samsung devices using the test point method.
  • Erase MI Cloud Xiaomi: Erase MI Cloud account from Xiaomi devices, eliminating synced data and settings.
  • Unlock Bootloader: Unlock the device's bootloader to load custom operating systems and software.
  • Lock Bootloader: Securely lock the bootloader to prevent unauthorized software modifications.
  • Remove Demo Vivo: Eliminate demo mode from Vivo devices, which displays marketing content.
  • Remove Demo Oppo/Realme: Remove demo mode from Oppo and Realme devices similar to Vivo.
  • Backup NV (Baseband): Backup Non-Volatile data containing baseband information.
  • Erase NV (Baseband): Erase NV data for repairing or changing the baseband.
  • Restore NV (Baseband): Restore NV data to fix network issues or restore the original baseband.
  • Read Dump Preloader: Read dump of preloader, facilitating bootloader and software management.
  • Write Preloader File: Write preloader file for flashing new or custom firmware.
  • Read Dump Boot File: Read dump of boot file containing kernel and essential software.
  • Write Boot File: Write boot file for software updates or repairs.
  • Dump System: Dump system partition containing the operating system and system apps.
  • Dump Full Flash .bin: Dump full flash of the device in .bin format.
  • Write Flash .bin: Write flash .bin file to restore or upgrade the device.
  • Backup OEM (Huawei): Back up OEM data containing device information and settings for Huawei devices.
  • Erase/Remove ID (Huawei): Erase or remove the ID linking the device to Huawei account and services.
  • Restore OEM (Huawei): Restore OEM data for recovery of device information and settings.
  • Fix Recovery Restart: Resolve recovery restart issue causing the device to reboot into recovery mode.
  • Boot to Meta Mode: Boot the device to meta mode for communication using MTK protocol and tools.
  • Print GPT: Print the GUID Partition Table defining the partition layout and structure.
  • Disable Auth: Disable device authentication for flashing or modifying the device without certificates or tokens.

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MTK Bader Tool offers a comprehensive set of features designed to address various challenges encountered with MediaTek-based smartphones. From formatting and removing FRP locks to bootloader management and system partition manipulation, this tool provides users with the means to troubleshoot and resolve software issues effectively. With its user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities, the MTK Bader Tool stands as a valuable asset for technicians and enthusiasts alike in the realm of mobile device maintenance and repair.

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