Multi OTA Disabler V2 Latest Update 2024.02.08


Multi OTA Disabler V2: Take Control of Your Device Updates

Multi OTA Disabler V2, developed by Android modding expert Bexa19, is your solution for managing OTA updates and more. Compatible with a wide range of devices, this tool allows you to disable OTA updates and offers additional features like bypassing FRP, enabling diagnostic mode, and fixing common device issues. However, be cautious as disabling OTA updates may affect security and warranty. Use Multi OTA Disabler V2 responsibly to customize your device experience.

Multi OTA Disabler V2 Latest Update 2024.02.08

Multi OTA Disabler Supported Features:
Generic ADB:
  • Identify Device
  • Bypass Factory Reset Protection
  • Read System Info
  • Read Partition Table List
  • Check Root State
  • DSU Disable
  • Run Settings App via ADB
  • Get Application List
  • Enable Diag via ADB Root
  • Get Battery State
Infinix / Tecno Main Options:
  • OTA Update Operations
  • Disable Infinix/Tecno OTA Updates
  • Enable Infinix/Tecno OTA Updates
  • Unisoc / SPD MDM Operations
  • Disable MDM / Fix Relock [ADB]
  • PostFix MDM Permanent
  • MediaTek MDM Operations
  • Disable MDM Step 1
  • Disable MDM Step 2
Realme / OPPO / VIVO:
  • Realme OLD Disable OTA Method
  • Execute STEP1
  • Execute STEP2
  • Vivo Disable OTA Method
  • Disable OTA VIVO Y Series
  • Realme NEW Disable OTA Method
  • RMX35XX New Method
  • RMX3 NEW Method
  • Other Fix Options
  • Vivo Phone Exception Fix
  • Fix Wireless Test Assistant Mode
Xiaomi Tools:
  • Xiaomi ADB Options
  • Disable Updates OTA
  • Enable Updates OTA
  • RPMB Options / EMMC + CPU Pairing Options
  • Check RPMB Status
  • Pair RPMB / CPU
  • Finalize Pair
  • Reboot to Fastboot for Flash
Huawei / Honor:
  • Honor / Huawei / EMUI / Magic UI Options
  • EMUI Disable OTA Options
  • Disable EMUI OTA Updates
  • Enable EMUI OTA Updates
  • Samsung Generic ADB
  • OTA Disabler
  • Disable Updates Step1
  • Disable Updates Step2
  • Samsung KnoxGuard Disabler
  • Disable KG Lock [ADB]
  • Fix Disable KG Lock [ADB]
  • Samsung Fixes
  • Security Log Warning Fix
  • Fix Setting App Error
What's new in Multi OTA Disabler:
  • DynamicSystemUpdate Disable!
  • Unisoc/Spreadtrum - MDM Disable/Disable Relock Fix Via ADB
  • Vivo Disable OTA Updates for Y Model Series!
  • Remove Advertising Apps to uninstall apps with ads!!!

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Version 2024
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The latest update of Multi OTA Disabler V2, released on 2024.02.08, introduces several significant enhancements. These include the ability to disable DynamicSystemUpdate, Unisoc/Spreadtrum MDM disable/disable relock fix via ADB, Vivo OTA update disabling for Y model series, and a feature to remove advertising apps, simplifying the process of uninstalling apps with ads. These additions further augment the tool's capabilities, providing users with greater control over their devices and enhancing their overall experience.

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