T-Tool Pro: Unveiling the Latest Beta Edition 2024


T-Tool Pro: Unveiling the Latest Beta Edition 2024

Introducing the latest beta release of T-Tool Pro, the premier smartphone software maintenance tool designed to support a diverse array of Android devices. Packed with an extensive suite of features, T-Tool Pro empowers users to effortlessly repair, unlock, flash, and personalize their smartphones. With this new edition, we're thrilled to present numerous enhancements and updates. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

T-Tool Pro: Unveiling the Latest Beta Edition 2024

T-Tool Pro Updates Overview:
We've revamped the graphical user interface to offer enhanced stability and user-friendliness. Navigating through the various tabs and options of the tool is now smoother and more intuitive than ever before.

Additionally, users can now seamlessly detach their registered PC and utilize the tool on alternative computers every 2 hours. This functionality enables flexibility, allowing users to transition between different PCs without any hassle while retaining their licenses and credits intact.

Furthermore, we've introduced a new feature that empowers users to reset their login password effortlessly. Whether you've forgotten your password or simply wish to update it for security reasons, this feature provides added peace of mind and convenience.
T-Tool Pro MTK Protocol Enhancements:
We've enhanced the MTK protocol to seamlessly cater to both new and older MTK devices. Users now have the ability to execute a myriad of operations on MTK devices, including unlocking, flashing, repairing, and more.

Expanded Oppo Support:
Exciting news for Oppo device owners! Our tool now supports Oppo devices featuring the following Socs in Preloader Mode: MT6765, MT6768, MT6853, MT6877, and MT6893. Users can effortlessly unlock, flash, and remove FRP on these devices using our tool.

Inclusive Vivo Device Support:
We're delighted to announce that our tool now extends support to generic Vivo devices, allowing users to unlock, flash, and remove FRP without the need to select a specific model. Furthermore, Vivo devices equipped with the latest security patches and the following Socs—MT6765 and MT6768—are now supported in Preloader Mode, empowering users to perform various operations seamlessly.

Enhanced Tecno, Infinix, and iTel Support:
In beta testing, we've introduced support for Tecno, Infinix, and iTel devices featuring Type 1 and 2 Preloader Mode. Users can unlock, flash, and remove FRP on these devices with ease using our tool.

New Features and Functionalities:
  • Remove Demo Mode on Vivo devices: Say goodbye to demo mode and restore normal functionality effortlessly.
  • MDM Lock Removal on Oppo/Realme devices: Enable full device features by removing the MDM lock using our tool.
  • Samsung MTK Device MDM Lock Removal: Samsung MTK device owners can now unlock the MDM lock and enjoy full device functionality.
  • Samsung Device Orange State Removal: Easily restore Samsung devices from orange state to normal functionality.
  • Enhanced Samsung KG State Change: Change the KG state on Samsung devices without relocking for improved usability.
  • Improved MTK Unlock/Relock Bootloader Process: Unlock and relock the bootloader on MTK devices with enhanced ease and safety.
  • Beta Feature: Flash stock firmware for Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, and Realme devices: Users can flash stock firmware (ofp, app, odin Firmware) with ease using our tool.
  • Backup, Restore, and NV Formatting: Perform backup, restore, and NV data formatting on MTK devices seamlessly.
  • New Wipe Methods: Introducing new wipe methods for Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo devices, enabling users to wipe data, cache, and system partitions effortlessly.
UNISOC/Spreadtrum Enhancements:
We're thrilled to introduce a range of new features and functionalities tailored specifically for UNISOC/Spreadtrum devices, ensuring an enhanced user experience and greater versatility:
  • IMEI Repair and Cert Patching: Users can now repair and write IMEI numbers and patch the cert seamlessly on UNISOC devices using our tool.
  • Firmware Backup: With the newly added firmware backup feature, users can easily create backups of firmware on UNISOC devices for added security and convenience.
  • PAC and XML Firmware Flashing: Our tool now supports flashing of stock PAC and XML firmware on UNISOC devices, providing users with greater flexibility and control.
  • Data Wiping and FRP Removal: Users can now wipe data, remove FRP, backup, restore, and format UNISOC devices effortlessly using our tool.
  • Bootloader Unlock/Relock: Unlock and relock the bootloader on UNISOC devices with ease, thanks to the newly added functionality.
  • DM-Verity Disabling: Enable root access on UNISOC devices by disabling DM-Verity using our tool.
  • RPMB Read, Write, and Format: With the new feature to read, write, and format RPMB data, users can manage RPMB data on UNISOC devices efficiently.
  • KG State Modification: Users can now change the KG state on Samsung devices based on UNISOC using our tool, enhancing device functionality and usability.
T-Tool Pro Supported SoCs:
Our tool proudly supports the following System on Chips (SoCs):
  • SC7731E
  • SC9832E
  • SC9863A
  • SC9863A_64
  • Tiger T310_64
  • Tiger T606_64
  • Tiger T610_64
  • Tiger T612_64
  • Tiger T616_64
  • Tiger T618_64
  • Tiger T700_64
Samsung Updates:

  • Introducing new enhancements for Samsung devices:
  • Odin Advanced Flasher with Auto-select Firmware: Flash firmware on Samsung devices effortlessly using the Odin Advanced Flasher with automatic firmware selection, offering partial flashing capabilities.
  • Samsung MTK FRP Lock Removal in Download Mode: Remove FRP locks on Samsung MTK devices directly from Download mode using our tool.
Qualcomm Updates:
  • Exciting updates for Qualcomm devices:
  • Enhanced Qualcomm Protocol: Enjoy improved efficiency and effectiveness when performing various operations on Qualcomm devices.
  • Auto Loader with Daily Updates: Utilize the Auto Loader with a comprehensive database and daily loader updates, automatically selecting the correct loader for Qualcomm devices.
  • Stock Firmware Flashing in EDL Mode: Flash stock firmware on Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, and Realme devices in Emergency Download (EDL) mode using our tool.
  • Huawei ID Removal: Easily remove Huawei IDs and bypass account locks on Huawei devices.
  • Huawei Demo Removal: Say goodbye to demo mode and restore normal functionality on Huawei devices.
  • Huawei OEMinfo Erasing: Modify the region and model of Huawei devices by erasing OEM info using our tool.
  • Samsung MDM Lock Removal: Unlock full device features by removing MDM locks on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung KG State Change in EDL Mode: Change the KG state on Samsung devices in EDL mode using our tool.
  • FRP Removal on Samsung Qualcomm SoCs in EDL Mode: Remove FRP locks on Samsung Qualcomm devices in EDL mode by selecting the model with ease.
  • Wipe, Backup, and EFS Erasure: Perform wipes, backups, and EFS data erasures on Qualcomm devices seamlessly.
  • Oppo Factory Reset, FRP Unlock, and Demo Lock Removal: Perform various operations on Oppo devices, including factory resets, FRP unlocks, and demo lock removal.
  • MI Account Lock Disablement: Disable MI Account locks and bypass account locks on Xiaomi devices with ease.
  • Improved Qualcomm Generic Unlock/Relock Bootloader: Unlock and relock Qualcomm device bootloaders more efficiently and safely using our tool.
  • DM-Verity Disable/Enable: Enable root access on Qualcomm devices by disabling DM-Verity using our tool.

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Our latest tool updates offer enhanced support for various device brands and models, including UNISOC/Spreadtrum, Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Xiaomi, and more. With features like IMEI repair, firmware backup and flashing, bootloader management, FRP removal, and demo mode removal, users can efficiently perform a range of tasks with ease and confidence. We remain committed to providing continuous improvements to simplify device maintenance and empower users to take control of their devices.

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