Alqab Solution AS Tool - 2024 Edition


Alqab Solution AS Tool - 2024 Edition

Alqab Solution's AS Tool is a free computer program for Windows designed to offer several useful features. Users can execute functions such as FRP, Userlock, and MTP Bypass to troubleshoot their Android smartphones. This update resolves a minor issue encountered by some users when using the tool for the first time on their computer.

Alqab Solution AS Tool - 2024 Edition

Features of AS Tool:
  • ADB Devices
  • ADB Reboot Recovery
  • Fastboot Devices
  • Fastboot Reboot Recovery
  • Fastboot Unlock Bootloader [Previous Version]
  • ADB Reboot
  • ADB Reboot Bootloader
  • Fastboot Reboot
  • Fastboot Reboot Bootloader
  • Fastboot Unlock Bootloader [Updated Version]
Samsung FRP Bypass Features:
  • Refresh Port
  • Read Info
  • Direct FRP Removal
  • Enable ADB
How to use it:
  • Extract the downloaded file to your desktop.
  • Run "AS Tool v0.2.exe" as an administrator from the extracted folder.
  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Choose the desired task from the available options.
  • Enjoy utilizing the tool!

Info. Details
Tool Name Alqab Solution AS Tool - 2024 Edition
Version 2024
Password Free
File Size 2.0 MB
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AS Tool v0.2 provides a convenient solution for various tasks related to Android devices, including FRP bypass, ADB functionalities, and more. By following the straightforward instructions provided, users can easily navigate through the tool's features and efficiently address their device-related issues.

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