Android Utility Tool V130 New Update 2024


Android Utility Tool V130 New Update 2024

Android Utility Pro (AUP) is a comprehensive utility software designed for Windows computers, developed by Mofadal. Regular updates are released every month to ensure optimal performance for all users. Today, Mofadal has unveiled the latest update, 🆕 Android Utility Pro v130, packed with significant enhancements. This versatile tool empowers users to execute various operations on their Android devices, including user lock 🔒, FRP (Factory Reset Protection), firmware formatting, and support for Qualcomm and MTK devices.

The tool is available in two editions: one tailored for pro users who require connectivity with any dongle operating on a Smart Card Driver. For those with an existing dongle, the tool seamlessly opens without encountering any error messages 🚫📩. However, for regular users or those without a dongle, most features of the tool remain accessible.

Android Utility Tool V130 New Update 2024
This software is strictly intended for educational purposes and should be utilized solely for lawful servicing and maintenance of mobile phones.
The authors do not provide any express or implied warranty for this software, and shall not be held responsible for any damages arising from its usage.
Kindly utilize it at your own discretion and risk.

Features of the Android Utility Tool:
Mediatek [BootRom]:
  • Disable Auth: Disable Authentication
  • Dump Preloader (EMI) for test-point: Dump Preloader for test-point
  • Crash Preloader To Brom: Crash Preloader to Brom
  • Reboot AT Mode: Reboot to AT Mode
  • Reboot Factory Mode: Reboot to Factory Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot Mode: Reboot to Fastboot Mode
  • Read Device Info: Read Device Information
  • Health Check: Check the Health of eMMC/UFS
  • Read Dump: Read Dump
  • Write SECTIONI Dump: Write Dump
  • Disable orange State: Disable orange State
  • Restore Orange State: Restore Orange State
  • Disable Dm-Verity: Disable Dm-Verity
  • Fix Download Error: Fix (OPPO/Realme) Download not completed error
  • Read VIVO Info: VIVO New SEC Readinfo (FM)
  • Force Brom: Force Brom for VIVO devices
  • Exit Brom: Exit BRom for VIVO devices
  • Remove Demo: Remove Demo from VIVO devices
  • Force Brom: Force Brom for OPPO devices
Mediatek [NV Manager]:
  • NVDATA operations in Fastboot mode
  • Restore NVRAM: Restore NVRAM
  • Format NVRAM: Format NVRAM
  • Fix unknown baseband: Fix (unknown baseband) [BROM]
  • Fix unknown baseband: Fix (unknown baseband) [Fastboot]
Mediatek [Meta Mode] (Main):
  • Read META Info: Read META information
  • Check EMMC health: EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset: Factory Reset in META mode
  • Factory Reset: Factory reset for OPPO and VIVO in META mode
  • Factory Reset: Factory reset for VIVO in META mode
  • Factory Reset: Factory reset in META mode with USRDATA rebuild
  • Dump Patched USER SECTION PKG: Dump Patched USER SECTION PKG in META mode
  • Download Patched USER_SECTION PKG: Download Patched USER_SECTION PKG in META mode
  • Enable ADB Debug: Enable ADB Debug mode in META mode
  • Already in META mode: Already in META O Don't USE MODEM API (MD) - [API o]
Mediatek [Meta Mode] (Partition Manager):
  • Format Partition: Format Partition in META mode
  • Read Partition: Read Partition in META mode
  • Write Partition: Write Partition in META mode
  • Dump USERAREA: Dump USERAREA in META mode
  • Dump PGPT: Dump PGPT in META mode
  • Dump NV Regions: Dump NV Regions in META mode
  • Dump EXT_CSD: Dump EXT_CSD in META mode
  • Dump MDDB/APDB: Dump MDDB/APDB in META mode
  • Read NVRAM: Read NVRAM in META mode
  • Write NVRAM: Write NVRAM in META mode
  • Wipe NVRAM: Wipe NVRAM in META mode
  • Force Brom: Force Brom for Huawei devices
  • Exit Brom: Exit BRom for Huawei devices
  • Force Brom: Force Brom for Honor devices
  • Exit Brom: Exit BRom for Honor devices
  • These are just some of the features available in the Android Utility Tool, offering a wide range of functionalities for managing and troubleshooting Android devices.
What's new in Android Utility Tool V130:
  • Added ADB package manager functionality, allowing users to enable, disable, and remove packages.
  • Introduced support for SAMSUNG UniSoC Tiger T618 (SM-T509 only) devices, including BROM force/exit and factory reset (BETA) capabilities from MTP mode.
  • Added the ability to change Serial Number (SN) on Samsung devices via ADB/MTP (BETA).
  • Improved the Huawei flasher for fastboot/upgrade operations.
How to install the Android Utility Tool:
  • Download the Android Utility Tool from the provided link.
  • Extract all the files to your desktop or C: drive.
  • Navigate to the extracted folder and locate "AndroidUtility.exe."
  • Double-click "AndroidUtility.exe" to run the program.
Upon launching the tool, it will take a few moments to load on your computer. If you encounter a smart card error, it indicates that no dongle is connected to your computer, and you'll have limited access to the tool's features. Once the tool is open, connect your device to the computer and choose the desired function to perform. Enjoy using the updated Android Utility Tool Pro.

Info. Details
Tool Name Android Utility Tool V130
Version 2024
Password mfdl
File Size 240. MB
Files Hosted By


Android Utility Tool offers a comprehensive set of features for servicing and maintaining mobile phones. However, it's essential to use this software responsibly and only for legal purposes. The authors do not provide any warranty for the software, and users should be aware of the potential risks associated with its use. By following the installation instructions and exercising caution, users can leverage the tool's functionality effectively.

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