CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Update 2024


CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Update 2024

The CAM Qualcomm AF Tool 2024 is a specialized software designed to facilitate debugging and optimizing camera autofocus (AF) functionality on Android smartphones powered by Qualcomm processors. It's essential to understand that this tool is strictly for developmental purposes and should not be used for commercial activities.

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Latest Update 2024

CAM Qualcomm AF Tool Features:
This feature empowers users to manage various Autofocus (AF) functionalities through ADB commands. Functions include toggling full sweep mode, accessing AF logs, and clearing camera logs and images.

This functionality conducts comprehensive checks on the device's AF system. It verifies drivers, evaluates actuator performance, and retrieves OTP (One-Time Programmable) information to ensure optimal AF functionality.

This feature streamlines basic AF calibration processes. Users can activate full sweep mode, configure AF tables, and conduct log analysis to fine-tune AF performance.

This tool provides in-depth analysis of AF logs, offering insights into the AF process. Users can leverage various analysis tools to interpret logs and optimize AF settings accordingly.
CAM Qualcomm What's New:
  • Enable AF FullSweep: Activates full lens sweep for autofocus.
  • Disable AF FullSweep: Deactivates full lens sweep for autofocus.
  • Execute ADB Command: Runs ADB commands for autofocus.
  • Open AF Log: Accesses autofocus log.
  • View AF Logcat: Displays autofocus logcat.
  • Show Watermark: Displays watermark in logs.
  • Select Pull Path: Chooses path for pulling logs and images.
  • Pull Logs: Retrieves logs from the device.
  • Clear Cam Logs: Clears camera logs on the device.
  • Pull Images: Retrieves images from the device.
  • Clear Cam Images: Clears camera images on the device.
  • Pull Raws: Retrieves raw images from the device.
  • Clear Cam Raws: Clears camera raw images on the device.
  • Perform AF Precheck: Conducts autofocus precheck.
  • Check Driver: Verifies camera driver status.
  • Enable AF OTP Dump: Enables dumping autofocus OTP.
  • Pull AF OTP Info: Retrieves information from autofocus OTP.
  • Disable AF OTP Dump: Disables dumping autofocus OTP.
  • Enable PD Driver Check: Activates phase detection driver check.
  • Check Actuator Performance: Evaluates actuator performance.
  • Check Actuator Hysteresis: Verifies actuator hysteresis.
  • Select Log File/Folder: Sets file or folder for logging.
  • Check PD Driver Status: Evaluates phase detection driver status.
  • Check OTP Infinity: Verifies OTP infinity status.
  • Check Specific OTP Values: Evaluates specific OTP values.
  • Check Golden Module: Verifies golden module status.
  • Enable PD Calibration Check: Activates phase detection calibration check.
  • Check Specific OTP Macro Values: Evaluates specific OTP macro values.
  • Extract AF Logs: Retrieves logs for autofocus analysis.
  • Manually Move Lens: Moves autofocus lens manually.
  • Disable Manual AF: Deactivates manual autofocus.
  • Check PD Calibration Status: Verifies phase detection calibration status.
  • Enable Fullsweep: Activates full lens sweep for calibration.
  • Disable FullSweep: Deactivates full lens sweep for calibration.
  • Perform Basic Tuning: Conducts basic autofocus tuning.
  • Set AF Table: Configures autofocus table.
  • Extract Logs: Retrieves logs for calibration analysis.
  • Configure Table Keywords: Sets keywords for the table.
  • Perform SAG Compensation: Conducts SAG compensation for autofocus.
  • Draw FV Curve: Draws focus value curve for calibration.
  • Draw FV: Draws focus value for calibration.
  • Select AF Log File/Folder: Chooses file or folder for AF log analysis.
  • Set Focus Mode: Sets focus mode during analysis.
  • Perform Phase Detection Single Focus: Conducts phase detection single focus during analysis.
  • Set Reverse Scan at Failure: Sets reverse scan at failure during analysis.
  • Move to Final Position: Moves to the final position during analysis.
  • Perform Basic Log Analysis: Analyzes basic logs for autofocus.
  • Analyze Autofocus Process: Examines autofocus process logs.
  • Analyze Finescan: Examines finescan logs.
  • Analyze HAF Fine Search: Examines HAF fine search logs.
  • Analyze Trigger Refocus: Examines trigger refocus logs.
  • Analyze Convergence Status: Examines convergence status logs.
  • Analyze Algorithm Completion: Examines algorithm completion logs.
  • Analyze SAD Generation: Examines SAD generation logs.
  • Open With Text Analysis Tool: Opens logs with Text Analysis Tool.
  • Open With Notepad: Opens logs with Notepad.
  • Analyze Curve Fitting: Examines curve fitting logs.
  • Analyze Change Ratio: Examines change ratio logs.
  • Analyze Continuous Autofocus Search: Examines continuous autofocus search logs.
  • Analyze Flatness: Examines flatness logs.
  • Analyze Spotlight: Examines spotlight logs.
  • Analyze Min_Max: Examines min_max logs.
  • Publish PD Library Output: Publishes PD library output logs.

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The latest features introduced in the Qualcomm AF Tool provide users with enhanced control and analysis capabilities for autofocus functionalities. From enabling and disabling full lens sweep to conducting prechecks and calibration processes, users can optimize autofocus performance with ease. Additionally, the advanced log analysis tools offer valuable insights into autofocus processes, allowing for precise adjustments and troubleshooting. Overall, these new features empower users to achieve optimal autofocus performance and efficiency.

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