Infinity CM2MT2 Latest Update Setup Available in 2024


Infinity CM2MT2 Latest Update Setup Available in 2024

The Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.57 software update addresses a firmware bug where the read process encountered an unknown structure. Additionally, this update enhances the MSHA function and optimizes the management of MDM files.

Infinity CM2MT2 Latest Update Setup Available in 2024

What's New in CM2MT2 v2.57:
Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.57
  • Bugfix: Resolved firmware read issue showing unknown structure.
  • MDM File: Method has been updated.
  • MSHA: Functionality has been enhanced.
  • Previous Update:
  • Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.56
AppTool Feature:
  • List and print available/installed APKs.
  • Permanently disable any APK, including system apps.
  • Disabled APKs remain disabled even after resets or wipes.
  • Save installed APK list to a file.
  • Restore disabled APKs at any time.
  • High-speed processing.
Note: Bootloader must be unlocked for this operation.

AppTool Capabilities:
  • Toggle OTA On/Off.
  • Enable/Disable MDM/Admin Apps.
  • Control Bloatware/Telemetry/Spy Apps.
  • Manage Network/Operator add-ons.
  • Plus many more customizable features.
  • Updated boot files selection method.
  • Enhanced DA selection process.
  • GUI changes to [MemTool].
  • Rebuilt functions in [MemTool].
  • Introduced [MMC EOL Reset] to potentially extend faulty EMMC lifespan.
  • PSN Read/Write function added.
  • Updated MDM method with improved handling for Infinix/Tecno/Itel.
  • Refreshed BT/WiFi MAC address read method.
  • Modified SCAT file loading, preloader is now unchecked by default.
  • Updated [Format/Reset] methods.
  • Separated [Accounts] option in [Format/Reset].
  • Added key.json generation for generic devices.
  • Altered boot-pack integration process.
  • GUI enhancements.
  • Internal optimizations and changes.

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Version 2024
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The Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.57 update addresses several key issues, including a bug related to firmware reading and enhancements to the MSHA function and MDM file management. Building on the previous v2.56 update, which introduced the versatile AppTool feature and a range of other improvements, these updates further solidify the software's reliability and functionality. With refreshed GUI elements, updated methods for various operations, and new features like the MMC EOL Reset, users can expect a more streamlined and efficient experience. As always, ensuring bootloader unlocking for certain operations remains crucial, and users are encouraged to explore the updated capabilities and optimizations brought by these latest updates.

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