Android Utility Tool V134 New Version Free Download

Android Utility Tool V134 New Version:

The Android Utility Tool provides a comprehensive suite of tools for repairing any Android smartphone. The latest update resolves numerous issues, including common error messages like "New update found - download." This new version of the Android Utility Tool is completely error-free for all users to download and use.

Android Utility Tool 134 introduces various bug fixes, new features for MediaTek (MTK) and UniSoC devices, and adds support for Kirin processors. Key enhancements include the ability to dump and patch user data partitions, factory reset older Android devices, and repair preloaders on Samsung devices. Additionally, Kirin users can now load factory firmware in fastboot mode.

Android Utility Tool V134 New Version Free Download

Many people contacted me via WhatsApp, reporting that they couldn't open the previous version and were getting error messages like "Website Suspended" when attempting to download updates. To resolve these issues, you can now download and use the latest version of the tool on your computer, which addresses these problems.

Skip EMMC PMT rebuild (UniSoC) [MI Versions]Skips the EMMC Partition Management Table rebuild for specific UniSoC MI versions.
Fix (unknown baseband) [BROM]Resolves issues with unknown baseband in BootROM mode.
Fix (unknown baseband) [Fastboot]Resolves issues with unknown baseband in Fastboot mode.
Dump Patched USER_SECTION PKG (META)Allows dumping of patched user section package in META mode.
Download Patched USER SECTION PKG (META)Enables downloading of patched user section package in META mode.
Dump USERAREA (META)Supports dumping of the USERAREA in META mode.
Dump PGPT (META)Provides ability to dump the Partition GUID Partition Table (PGPT) in META mode.
Dump NV Regions (META)Allows dumping of NV regions in META mode.
Dump EXT CSD (META)Supports dumping of Extended CSD in META mode.
Dump MDDB/APDB (META)Enables dumping of the MDDB and APDB in META mode.
ADB Factory Reset (old Android)Allows factory resetting of older Android devices via ADB.
MTK creates a BOOT SECTION from the PreloaderFacilitates creation of a boot section from the Preloader for MediaTek devices.
Samsung MTK PRELOADER Repair via BL (FM)Supports repairing of Samsung MTK Preloader via BootLoader (Flash Mode).
Samsung UniSoC Write PAC fileEnables writing of PAC files for Samsung UniSoC devices.
Skip EMMC PMT rebuild (UniSoC) [MI Versions] (repeated)Skips EMMC PMT rebuild for specific UniSoC MI versions.
Enable Xiaomi OTA updates [BootROM]Allows enabling Xiaomi OTA updates in BootROM mode.

Kirin Processor supported (load factory fastboot [USB 1.0]):

  • KIRIN620
  • KIRIN650
  • KIRIN655
  • KIRIN658
  • KIRIN659
  • KIRIN710
  • KIRIN710F
  • KIRIN910
  • KIRIN920
  • KIRIN92S
  • KIRIN930
  • KIRIN935
  • KIRIN950
  • KIRIN955
  • KIRIN96O
  • KIRIN970
  • KIRIN980

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Tool: Click the link below to download the Android Utility Tool.

  2. Extract the Files: After downloading, extract all files to your desktop or the C: drive.

  3. Run the Program: Open the extracted folder and double-click on "AndroidUtility.exe."

Once the program is open, it should load in just a few seconds. If you encounter a smart card error, it means that a dongle is not connected to your computer, limiting some of the tool's features. After the tool has loaded, you can connect your Android device to your computer and select the operation you want to perform.

File nameAndroid Utility Tool 134 (Fix Update)
File size211.12 MB
Free or PaidFree
Download linkAndroid Utility Tool 134 - New update
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