Data Unlocker New Tool Download (Paid)

Data Unlocker New Tool:

The Data Unlocker Tool is a software solution designed to unlock and repair Android devices running versions 6 through 13, regardless of carrier or architecture. It offers a range of functionalities, such as bypassing Factory Reset Protection (FRP), conducting repairs, converting CSC, reading codes, removing Knox Guard and Mobile Device Management (MDM), flashing firmware, and enabling factory mode with a single click. The latest update introduced support for direct unlocking of certain Samsung devices with new security patches, along with various bug fixes.

Data Unlocker New Tool Download (Paid)


Unlock, FRP Bypass, Repair, CSC Conversion, Read Codes, KG and MDM Removal, Flashing, and Factory Mode Enablement. Compatible with Android 6 through 13. Works with All Carriers and All Bit Levels. One-Click Operations for Ease of Use.

What's New?

  • Added support for direct unlocking of new security patch models with user confirmation (unlock code required).

Supported Samsung Models:

  • SM-A136W (All carriers)
  • SM-A136S (All carriers)
  • SM-A136M (All carriers)
  • SM-A136B (All carriers)
  • SM-A225F (All carriers)
  • SM-A315G (All carriers)
  • SM-A315F (All carriers)
  • SM-A325F (All carriers)
  • SM-A325M (All carriers)
  • SM-A325N (All carriers)
  • SM-E426B (All carriers)
  • SM-A215U/U1 (Carriers: ATT, BAA, CHA)
  • And many more!


  • General Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements.
File nameData Unlocker 0.4.2
File size79.8 MB
DeveloperData Unlocker
Free or PaidPaid
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