HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4 Download (Latest Update)

HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4:

Introducing HaaFedk iCloud Free New-v4, an advanced iCloud bypass tool designed to provide seamless iCloud bypass functionality. This tool is available for free and is compatible with iOS versions 12 through 16.4, offering a comprehensive solution for iCloud bypass on iPhones. With HaaFedk iCloud tool, you can effortlessly bypass iCloud activation, including scenarios where there's no signal. Additionally, it supports passcode bypass with signal, and enables bypassing Wi-Fi device activation with SN change. HaaFedk iCloud tool also facilitates easy backup of passcodes, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

HaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4 Download (Latest Update)

What are the Features of HaaFedk iCloud Free New V4?

HaaFedk iCloud Free New-v4 offers a range of powerful features to address iPhone software issues with iCloud lock bypass. With this tool, you can effortlessly resolve various software problems associated with iCloud lock. Moreover, it provides the capability to access and retrieve essential information from iPhones. Additionally, you can seamlessly activate Hello functionalities with this versatile tool.

HaaFedk iCloud Tool Features:

New Update V4 ADDAddition of new features in Version 4
Fix download RamDiskResolution for RamDisk download issues
SUPPORT IOS 16 TO 16.7.7 UPSupport for iOS versions 16 to 16.7.7
Fix Haafedk v3 For iOS 12.14.8Fix for issues with HaaFedk v3 on iOS 12.14.8
Fix Partitions Not MountedResolution for unmounted partitions
Fix Mount Device Fail Try againSolution for failed device mounting attempts
HELLO WITHOUT SIGNAL BYPASSBypass Hello without signal
PASSCODE WITH SIGNAL BYPASSBypass passcode with signal
SUPPORT IOS 12 TO 16.7Support for iOS versions 12 to 16.7
SUPPORT 6S To X OnlySupport limited to iPhone 6S to iPhone X
WIFI DEVICE HELLO BYPASS MUST CHANGE SNBypass Hello on WiFi device requiring SN change
Check DeviceCheck device status and information
Passcode BackupBackup passcode settings
Boot DeviceBoot the device
Activate Tool FreeActivate the tool for free
Read iCloud InfoRetrieve iCloud account information
Passcode ActivateActivate passcode protection
File RamDiskManage RamDisk files
Erase All Data iOS (15/16)Erase all data on iOS 15/16
Generate Activation HelloGenerate activation Hello
Change SNChange serial number
Boot PurpleBoot in purple mode
Fix Diag RecoveryResolve diagnostic recovery issues
Erase iDeviceErase the connected iOS device
SN/RegistrationManage serial number and registration
Select Port NumberChoose port number for device connection
Hello Activate iOS (15/16)Activate Hello on iOS 15/16
Patch USB RestrictionsPatch USB usage restrictions
Backup Device PasscodeBackup device passcode settings
Activate Device (Backup)Activate device using backup
Erase iOS 12-14.XErase iOS 12-14.X
Disable OTA Updated/RestoreDisable OTA updates and restores
Erase iOS 14 - A11 A9 Diagnostic ModeErase iOS 14 in A11/A9 diagnostic mode
Restart DeviceRestart the connected device
Show Erase All Content And SettingDisplay option to erase all content and settings
Skip Setup iDeviceSkip initial setup on iOS device

Steps to Utilize the HaaFedk iCloud Tool:

  • Begin by downloading the zip file from the provided link.
  • Unzip all the files to your C: drive (this step is crucial).
  • Disable your antivirus software before proceeding with the installation.
  • Open the folder and follow the provided instructions to install the setup file.
  • Launch the 'HaaFedk iCloud Tool.'
  • If you've already installed the required drivers, you can skip this step; otherwise, proceed to install them.
  • Connect your phone and explore its various functions with the tool.
  • Enjoy the seamless experience!


HaaFedk iCloud Free New-v4 stands out as a comprehensive and reliable solution for addressing iCloud-related challenges on iPhones. With its array of features, including iCloud lock bypass and access to iPhone information, it offers users a versatile tool to overcome software obstacles and activate essential functionalities. Whether it's resolving software issues or enabling Hello features, HaaFedk iCloud Free New-v4 delivers a seamless experience, making it a valuable resource for iPhone users seeking efficient iCloud solutions.

File nameHaaFedk iCloud Free Tool v4
File Size240 MB
Free or PaidFree
Download LinkHaafedk iCloud Free Tool V4 (Latest)

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