Pandora Box V6.9 New Update Download

Pandora Box V6.9 New Update:

Pandora Box 6.9 has a major update that now supports hundreds of new devices, including phones from ZTE, Hisense, Oukitel, MediaTek, ONN, and many others. The update also addresses several bugs to ensure smooth functionality.

Pandora Box V6.9 New Update Download

Reading device informationRetrieves basic information about the device, such as make, model, and system data.
Unlocking network locksAllows the device to be unlocked for use on different networks.
Fixing bootlooped devicesHelps recover devices stuck in a boot loop.
Reading network unlock codesObtains codes needed to unlock network restrictions.
Creating and restoring backupsFacilitates the creation and restoration of device backups.
Repairing preloader issuesRepairs issues related to the device's preloader.
Working directly with memory partitionsProvides access to the device's memory partitions for advanced operations.
Changing bootloader stateEnables changes to the bootloader for customization and repair.
Formatting flash memorySupports formatting of the device's flash memory.
Rebooting to different service modesAllows the device to reboot into various service modes for diagnostics and repair.
Erasing Factory Reset Protection (FRP)Bypasses or removes Factory Reset Protection on the device.
Accessing a large database of firmware filesProvides access to a comprehensive database of firmware files for updates and repairs.

What's new Pandora Box v6.9

  • 100003561 ONN 8 Pro
  • 100003562 ONN 10.1 Pro
  • 100005206 ONN 7
  • 100005207 ONN 8
  • 100005208 ONN 10.1
  • 100005209 ONN 10.1
  • 100011885 ONN 8 Gen 2
  • 100011886 ONN 10.1 Gen 2
  • 100015685 ONN 7 Gen 2
  • 100026191 ONN 7 Gen 2
  • 100043279 ONN 11.6 Pro
  • 100044018G ONN 8 Kids
  • 100044018P ONN 8 Kids
  • 100071481 ONN 7 Gen 3
  • 100071483 ONN 8 Gen 3
  • 100071485 ONN 10.1 Kids
  • 100092988 ONN 7 Kids
  • 100092980 ONN 10.1 Gen 3
  • 100110027 ONN 11 Pro
  • 100110603 ONN 10.4 Pro

Added support for the following Hisense phones:

  • HLTE220E Hisense E30
  • HS6737MT Hisense L675 Pro
  • HS6739MT Hisense F35
  • HLTE221E
  • HLT221E Hisense E30 SE
  • HLTE222E Hisense U50
  • HNR552T
  • TYH201H Hisense Tianyi One


Pandora Box is a powerful tool equipped with a range of features to address mobile device issues. It not only supports new devices but also tackles complex problems such as bootloops, network locks, and FRP issues. Moreover, it allows for operations on device memory, backups, and firmware options. With all these features, this tool has become a valuable asset for technicians focused on repairing and enhancing various types of mobile devices.

File NamePandora Box V6.9
File Size181.89 MB
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Download LinkPandora Box V6.9 (Latest)
Previous VersionsPandora Box V6.8 | Pandora Box V6.7 | Pandora Box V6.6

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