QCDMA Tool Latest version Setup Download

QCDMA Tool Latest version Setup:

Introducing QCDMA Tool V2.8.5.6! This update brings enhanced Fastboot options, bug fixes for legacy devices, and a new feature allowing you to mirror your phone's screen to your computer. Samsung users will especially benefit from this update, which adds enhanced ADB bypass for FRP, a method to disable Knox/MDM, support for Arabic on Android 13 and 14, and more! Additionally, we've revamped the user interface to ensure a smoother and faster user experience.

QCDMA Tool Latest version Setup Download

Network Repair & Chipset Operation (CDMA)- Backup & restore network settings<br> - Fix network & setting loss after SIM change (4G LTE)<br> - Explore various professional options
Extract Network Configurations (MCFG)- mcfg_sw.mbn, modem.bin, fsg.mbn, radio.img, CP TAR, CSC TAR, Non-Hlos.bin files
EFS (High Speed)- Modify, import, export, and delete files & folders
3G/4G LTE Activation (Automatic)- Activate services for all phones
Samsung- Remove Knox & Google protection<br> - Repair serial number<br> - Many more options
MTK- Essential options
LG- Repair network, phone serial number, and more (20+ options)
Motorola- Advanced flashing, bootloader unlocking<br> - Activate Forge, 3G, and other services
ADB- Convert network mode<br> - Unlock Huawei phones (code)<br> - Activate dial without root (most phones)<br> - 15+ other options
Package Management- Control phone applications professionally<br> - Delete & restore system applications
SetEdit- Advanced access to modify or delete phone settings
Menu- Quick access to common phone repair options
Service- Technical support, file downloads, and more
QCN- Reverse engineer and write to file securely (without changing serial number)
NV- Read, write, and modify network files (advanced & easy)
Modem Config- Read, activate, disable, and change configurations
VoLTE Activation- Activate VoLTE service for all devices

EDL (Emergency Download Mode)

  • Fixed issues with sending loaders and resetting FRP for legacy devices.


  • Enhanced fastboot functionality.
  • Introduced phone screen mirroring with PC for better integration.


  • Improved ADB bypass for FRP with QR code scanning.
  • Enhanced KNOX/MDM deactivation through QR code.
  • Added improved Arabic language support for Android 13 & 14.
  • Introduced MTP-based information reading and FRP state checking.
  • Added manual CSC code entry for flexibility.
  • Added FRP removal support for all Samsung MTK devices in DOWNLOAD mode.

UI & Optimization:

  • Optimized the operations for quicker performance.
  • Accelerated the speed of the ADB client.
  • Reduced startup time for a faster launch.
  • Added new features to the UI, especially for MTK-based FRP via DM mode.

Newly Supported Devices:

  • Galaxy A10s: SM-A107U, SM-A107F, SM-A107M
  • Galaxy A03S: SM-A037U, SM-A037F, SM-A037M
  • Galaxy A04e: SM-A042F
  • Galaxy A04: SM-A045F
  • Galaxy A05: SM-A055F, SM-A055F/DS, SM-A055M, SM-A055M/DS
  • Galaxy A05s: SM-A057F, SM-A057F/DS, SM-A057M, SM-A057M/DS
  • Galaxy A12: SM-A125F, SM-A125M, SM-A125N, SM-A125U, SM-A125U1
  • Galaxy A13: SM-A137F
  • Galaxy A13 5G: SM-A136U, SM-A136W, SM-A136B
  • Galaxy A14 5G: SM-A146U, SM-A146U1
  • Galaxy A22 5G: SM-A226B, SM-A226B/DS, SM-A226BR, SM-A226L
  • Galaxy A24 4G: SM-A245F, SM-A245F/DS, SM-A245M, SM-A245M/DS, SM-A245N
  • Galaxy A31: SM-A315F, SM-A315G, SM-A315N
  • Galaxy A32: SM-A325F, SM-A325M, SM-A325N
  • Galaxy A32 5G: SM-A326B, SM-A326W, SM-A326BR, SM-A326U, SM-S326DL
  • Galaxy A41: SM-A415F
  • Tab A7 Lite LTE: SM-T225
  • Tab A7 Lite: SM-T227
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: SM-T225N
  • Galaxy M13 5G: SM-M136B, SM-M136B/DS
  • Galaxy M22: SM-M225F
  • Galaxy M32: SM-M325F, SM-M325FV
  • Galaxy F22: SM-E225F
  • Galaxy F04: SM-E045F, SM-E045F/DS
  • Galaxy F42 5G: SM-E426B, SM-E426B/DS
  • Galaxy Jump 5G: SM-A326K
  • Galaxy J2 Prime: SM-G532G, SM-G532F
  • Galaxy A01 Core: SM-A013F, SM-A013G, SM-A013M
  • Galaxy A02: SM-A022M, SM-A022F, SM-A022G
  • Galaxy M01 Core: SM-M013F
  • Galaxy M01s: SM-M017F
  • Galaxy M02: SM-M022F, SM-M022G

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