TFT Unlock Tool V4.6.2.2 New Update Download 2024

TFT Unlock Tool V4.6.2.2 New Update:

TFT Unlock Tool V4.6.2.2 introduces exciting new features! This tool has gained immense popularity in the GSM sector for its ability to unlock various mobile locks, including the challenging Frp lock. With this latest update, TFT Unlock Tool v4.6.2.2 now supports unlocking all MTK CPU phones with ease. Whether it's a factory reset or removing Frp locks, this tool makes the process simple and efficient for users.

TFT Unlock Tool V4.6.2.2 New Update Download 2024

TFT Unlock Tool New Update Adds:

  • Flash OLD
  • Auth Bypass [ADD]


Download TFT Unlock Tool V4.6.2.2:

With the latest version of the TFT Unlock Tool (V4.6.2.2), you can perform a wide range of functions on both Android phones and iPhones. These include removing screen locks, bypassing FRP locks, safe formatting, and more. Notably, the tool supports various methods for unlocking Samsung FRP locks, such as using MTP Mode or scanning QR codes via the Samsung screen 3. Additionally, it offers solutions for unlocking FRP locks and bootloaders on Vivo and Oppo phones. For Xiaomi phones, it can unlock Mi accounts, perform Auth flash for Xiaomi devices, and support MTK Auth and Qualcomm flashing, both normal and Auth methods.

TFT Unlock Tool Features:

[Common Functions]
  • Read device information via COM port
  • Factory reset via COM port
  • Enter download mode via COM port
  • One-click FRP removal with auto-enable ADB
  • Read device information via MTP
  • Install drivers via MTP
  • FRP bypass via MTP
  • Read device information via ADB
  • Erase FRP via ADB
  • Reset passcode via ADB
  • Disable Knox via ADB
Samsung Security:
  • Erase FRP via BROM
  • Crash Brom/Preloader + erase FRP
  • Erase FRP without TestPoint on New Sec devices
  • Force BROM
  • Unlock bootloader via BROM
  • Relock bootloader via BROM
  • Erase MDM via BROM
  • Read device information via META
  • Erase FRP via META
  • Reset MiCloud via META
  • Factory reset via META
  • Unlock bootloader via META
  • Reboot to META mode via BROM

  • Read device information via Sideload
  • New function: Reset FRP and MiCloud via Sideload
  • Erase FRP via Sideload
  • Format data via Sideload
  • Format storage via Sideload
  • Wipe EFS via Sideload
  • Wipe EFS and storage via Sideload
  • Install Magisk root via Sideload
  • Disable updates for Xiaomi devices (TWRP)
  • Reset/disable Mi Cloud for Xiaomi devices (TWRP)
  1. Read device information via Fastboot
  2. Erase FRP via Fastboot
  3. Reset MiCloud via Fastboot
  4. Factory reset via Fastboot
  5. Unlock bootloader via Fastboot
  6. Reboot to EDL mode via Fastboot
  7. Reset EFS via Fastboot
Additional Functions:
  1. Read device information via ADB
  2. Erase FRP via ADB
  3. Reset passcode via ADB
  4. Enable DIAG MILJI 12-13 without root via ADB
  5. Reset MiCloud via ADB (Methods 1-3)
  6. Install drivers via MTP
  7. Bypass FRP via MTP
  8. Read device information via MTP
Guide to Utilizing the TFT Unlock Tool:
  • Begin by downloading the zip file from the provided link below.
  • Unzip all the files onto your C: drive (this step is crucial).
  • Make sure to disable any antivirus software before proceeding with the installation.
  • Open the folder and follow the straightforward instructions to install the setup file.
  • Launch the 'TFT Unlock Tool.'
  • If you've already installed the necessary drivers, you can skip this step; otherwise, proceed to install all required drivers.
  • Connect your phone and initiate any desired function.
  • Enjoy the benefits!

the TFT Unlock Tool offers a comprehensive array of functions to assist with device management and troubleshooting across various stages, from common tasks like reading device information and FRP removal to more advanced operations such as bootloader unlocking and firmware modification. With support for different communication protocols including COM, MTP, ADB, and Fastboot, it covers a wide range of device models and manufacturers. Whether you're dealing with Samsung security measures, Xiaomi devices, or general Android recovery tasks, the TFT Unlock Tool provides the tools necessary to efficiently handle device management and unlock procedures.

Tool NameTFT Unlock tool
Tool VersionV4.6.2.2
Download LinkLink Here

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