Best Realme C31 (RMX3501) FRP Reset using Miracle Box 2024

Best Realme C31 (RMX3501) FRP Reset using Miracle Box 2024:

Best Realme C31 (RMX3501) FRP Reset using Miracle Box 2024, By following these steps, you can bypass the FRP lock on your Realme C31 without the need to flash or format anything, ensuring that your data remains intact. This method is straightforward and guarantees a 100% success rate, making it a reliable solution for regaining access to your device without the risk of data loss or complex procedures.

Best Realme C31 (RMX3501) FRP Reset using Miracle Box 2024

Features Realme C31:

To access emergency mode on your Realme C31 and utilize Miracle Box, follow these steps: First, enter emergency mode by dialing the secret code *#899#. This will take you to test mode; refrain from clicking on any options here. Next, open the Miracle Box crack software on your computer. Within Miracle Box, navigate to Android - Home - ADB (extra) to proceed with the necessary operations.

  • Enter emergency mode by dialing *#899# on Realme C31.
  • Do not interact with options in test mode.
  • Open Miracle Box crack on your computer.
  • Go to the Android section in Miracle Box.
  • Navigate to Home > ADB (extra).

Update Realme C31:

To reset the FRP on your Realme C31 using Miracle Box, follow these steps: In the Miracle Box, select the "Motorola FRP Reset" option and press the start button. When prompted on your Realme C31, enable USB debugging. Allow the operation to complete, and then reboot your device. Your Realme C31 should now be free from the FRP lock.


In conclusion, the best method to reset the FRP on your Realme C31 (RMX3501) in 2024 is by using Miracle Box. This process involves entering emergency mode, accessing test mode, and utilizing the "Motorola FRP Reset" option in Miracle Box. Following the prompts to enable USB debugging and waiting for the operation to complete before rebooting your device ensures a smooth and effective FRP reset, freeing your Realme C31 from any lock issues.

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Tool Version2024
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