Best TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.1 New Update [2024.06.25]

Best TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.1 New Update [2024.06.25]:

Best TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.1 New Update [2024.06.25] , The release of TFM Tool Pro QC v2.1.1 resolves several critical issues, including the notorious "data is invalid" errors. For errors such as "Invalid GPT!", "MEMORY_TYPE_MISMATCH," and "Resetting...ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND," users should select UFS as the CPU type. Additionally, the updated tool simplifies device selection by eliminating the need to specify the brand or model for most devices, streamlining the overall process. TFM Tool Pro QC new update, TFM Tool Pro QC v2.1.1 features, TFM Tool Pro QC v2.1.1 release date, TFM Tool Pro QC v2.1.1 changelog.

Best TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.1 New Update [2024.06.25]

Features TFM Tool Pro:

The latest update includes support for all recent Vivo models, offering various functionalities such as a single program flasher for firmware updates, a multi-program flasher for flashing firmware across multiple programs, and the ability to read device information. Additional features include performing factory resets, resetting Factory Reset Protection (FRP), reading device patterns or passwords, backing up and restoring the EFS partition, and resetting the EFS partition. For older Vivo models, it can reset user lo-cks, and it also provides options to reset Mi accounts and backup or restore the QCN partition.

Update TFM Tool Pro:

The supported Vivo models include a comprehensive range: Z1X, Z5, Z5X, Z1 Pro, Z3, X27 Pro, X27 (PD1829), X23, S5, IQOO, IQOO 855, IQOO Pro, Nex 3, Nex, Nex S, IQOO Neo, Nex Dual Display, Y20-Y20I-Y20S, U3, U20, Z5I, V17, V17 Pro, V19 Neo (PD1948), V15 Pro, X27 (PD1838), S1 Pro, X21S, X23 HS, X23 HSA, Z1, Z1i, X21, X20 Plus, Z3X, X20, U3x, Y9s, Y50, U10, X Play 6, Y75s, Y79, Y85, X9s, Y11, Y73, Y71s, Y93, Y95, V11, U1, Y65, Y66i, Y71, Y55, V7, X Play 5, X9 Plus, X7, X7 Plus, V5 Plus, Y89, Z1 Youth, V7 Plus, X9, Y53, Y66, Y55s, Y51, V19 (PD1969F), IQOO 3 (PD1955F), S7 (5G PD2020), V20SE, X50 Lite (PD1982F), X50E, and IQOO Neo 3 (PD1981).


The latest TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.1 update, released on June 25, 2024, brings robust support for the newest Vivo models and a suite of powerful features including single and multi-program firmware flashing, device information reading, factory resets, FRP resets, pattern/password reading, EFS partition backup and restore, and Mi account resets. This update significantly enhances device compatibility and user convenience, making it an indispensable tool for managing and maintaining a wide range of Vivo devices.

Tool NameTFM Tool Pro
Tool VersionV2.1.1

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