DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 New Update 2024

DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 New Update 2024:

DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 New Update 2024, The release of DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 introduces EDL authentication support for several Xiaomi phones, including the Redmi Note 7A, 8, and 10 series, POCO, Black Shark, and Mi series, featuring optimizations and bug fixes. Tested models include the Redmi 8, Redmi Note 7, and Mi 10T 5G. Users whose devices are not supported by the automatic installer may need to opt for the manual installer. Improvements to the ETS Port, Fixed a bug in Fastboot flash, Improvements to QCOM EDL flash, Added Advanced Partition Manager, Added support for MIUI 13 Flash scatter, Added support for Unisoc (SPRD) devices.

DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 New Update 2024

Features DFT PRO:

The DFT Pro Tool offers a range of features for various phone brands. For Xiaomi devices, it provides options such as enabling Diag, reading info, rebooting, TWRP mode, wiping and backing up EFS, rooting, restoring EFS, resetting MI Account ID, and repairing IMEI. The Mi Assistant includes functionalities like reading info, wiping EFS, wiping data and storage, rebooting the system, temporarily unlocking the bootloader, downgrading the modem, bypassing MI Account, and resetting FRP. MediaTek services include reading information, fixing null baseband, IMEI repair, factory reset, and more. For Oppo and Realme, the tool offers read info, reset FRP, IMEI repair, factory reset, backup/restore NVRAM, and unlocking/relocking the bootloader. Qualcomm features include repair, flash EDL, QCN tool, and service EDL. For Vivo, the tool provides FRP erasure and userdata erasure. Huawei services include read info, reset FRP, IMEI repair, factory reset, and others. For Samsung, it offers EFS reset, info and reboot, and phone call functions. Additionally, the tool has security features like resetting screen lock, enabling all languages, FRP bypass methods, and SPRD-related functionalities.

Update DFT PRO:

Begin by getting the latest setup of DFT PRO to your computer and extract the Setup.zip. Run the tool as an administrator, and you'll encounter a login window. Choose between registering or logging in, then proceed to purchase an activation package ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Enter your registered email ID and password into the tool, click Login, and you're ready to utilize DFT PRO on your computer.


DFT PRO Update v4.1.7 marks a significant upgrade for 2024, introducing a wide array of new features and enhancements aimed at bolstering its utility and performance. This update encompasses various tools tailored for Xiaomi, MediaTek, Oppo & Realme, Qualcomm, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung, and SPRD devices. Users can now enjoy advanced functionalities such as enabling Diag, IMEI repair, FRP resets, bootloader management, and more. The tool's user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation, while options for activation packages ranging from 6 months to 2 years ensure flexibility in usage. Overall, DFT PRO v4.1.7 stands poised to streamline device management and repair processes across multiple smartphone brands, catering to both casual users and seasoned technicians alike.

Tool NameDFT PRO
Tool Versionv4.1.7

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