EFT Pro Dongle update V4.7.8 Download 2024

EFT Pro Dongle update V4.7.8 New Version 2024:

EFT Pro Dongle update V4.7.8 2024, The EFT Pro Dongle has been updated to version 4.7.8, enhancing support for MTK phones, particularly TECNO and INFINIX brands, and introducing new features for a range of Samsung Qualcomm models. This update includes a partial list of newly supported Samsung models, ensuring broader compatibility and improved performance across these devices. EFT Pro Dongle Latest Update, EFT Pro Dongle New Features, EFT Pro Dongle MTK Update, EFT Pro Dongle Qualcomm Update, EFT Pro Dongle Samsung Update, EFT Pro Dongle Realme Update, EFT Pro Dongle FRP Reset, EFT Pro Dongle Factory Reset.

EFT Pro Dongle update V4.7.8 2024

Features EFT Pro Dongle:

The EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.8 Build 001 introduces several new features and improvements. For MTK phones, it includes updated AUTH for TECNO and INFINIX models, along with capabilities such as reading info, FRP removal, factory reset, and flashing. The update also enhances support for Samsung Qualcomm models by adding functionalities like FRP reset and factory reset, and introduces exclusive support for various Samsung models including SM-T295 U6, SM-A525M U6, and others. Additionally, there's an update for MDM Apple. Previous versions, such as V4.7.7, brought features like SIM unlocking for Realme, while V4.7.6 and earlier versions added support for various Qualcomm Samsung models with features like FRP and factory reset.

MTK and Qualcomm Model Support:

The EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.8 Build 001 introduces significant enhancements, including the addition of new MTK models with the MTK 2023 V5 Patch 2024, supporting various TECNO models such as the Spark 10 5G KI8 and Pova 5 Pro LH8N, and INFINIX models like the Note 12 Pro 5G X671B and Hot 30 5G X6832. This update also includes the MTK 2023 V6 Patch 2024, further extending support for models like the Infinix Note 30 X6833B and Tecno Pova 6 LI9 with Auth V2. Additionally, several Qualcomm Samsung models have been added, including the SM-A015 series and SM-A426U, with features like FRP reset and factory reset. Previous updates, such as V4.7.4, added various MTK and Qualcomm models, supporting brands like LT Mobile, Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, and Honor with comprehensive functionalities for reading info, FRP, factory reset, and flashing.

  • Expanded MTK model compatibility with new 2023 V5 and V6 patches for TECNO and INFINIX devices.
  • Added support for additional Infinix models like the Note 12 Pro 5G X671B and Hot 30 5G X6832.
  • Introduced enhanced capabilities for Qualcomm Samsung models, including SM-A015 and SM-A426U series.
  • Improved FRP reset and factory reset functions across supported devices.
  • Continued updates for LT Mobile, Infinix, Tecno, Samsung brands with comprehensive device management.


In conclusion, the EFT Pro Dongle update V4.7.8 in 2024 brings significant advancements in device support and functionality, particularly with expanded compatibility for MTK and Qualcomm Samsung models. This update enhances FRP reset, factory reset, and flashing capabilities across a wide range of devices, continuing to improve user experience and device management efficiency.

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