FENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5 (Working -Tested) New Tool

ENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5 (Working -Tested) New Tool:

FENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5 (Working -Tested) New Tool, FENIX UTILITY v1.3 is a versatile and tool designed for Android devices, enabling a range of tasks via IMEI, ADB, and Fastboot modes. This tool allows users to convert IMEI to HEX and vice versa, enable diagnostic mode, bypass FRP lo-cks, disable OTA updates, fix SIM errors, and reset their devices. In this article, we will explore the various features and functions of FENIX UTILITY, providing a comprehensive guide on how to utilize it effectively for your Android device needs. FENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5, Update - FENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5 Released 2024.

FENIX UTILITY V2.2.0.5 (Working -Tested) New Tool


FENIX UTILITY PRO v2.2.0.5 introduces several enhancements and new features, including expanded Samsung FRP support for older devices in test mode. The QCOMM section benefits from the addition of an EDL Flasher and an Autoloader, alongside an advanced flasher capable of reading, writing, and erasing partitions. Users can now directly erase FRP, backup EFS, and reset EFS, making FENIX UTILITY PRO an even more robust tool for Android device management.

  • Samsung FRP support for old devices in test mode.
  • Added EDL Flasher.
  • Added Autoloader.
  • Advanced flasher for read/write/erase partitions.
  • Direct FRP erase, EFS backup, and EFS reset.


FENIX UTILITY PRO v2.2.0.5 introduces enhanced features for Xiaomi and Huawei devices. For Xiaomi QCOMM, users can now directly reset and patch MiCloud. The tool also expands its support for Huawei EDL models, including Honor X7 (CMA-LX3), Honor X8 (TFY-LX2), Honor Nova 9 (NAM-LX9), Honor Nova 9 SE (JLN-LX1), Honor 50 (NTH-NX9), Honor 50 Lite (NTN-L22), Honor 70 (FNE-XXX), and Magic 5 Lite (RMO-XX).


In conclusion, FENIX UTILITY PRO v2.2.0.5 is a powerful and reliable tool, as evidenced by its working and tested status. It brings significant enhancements for Xiaomi QCOMM and Huawei EDL models, allowing users to directly reset and patch MiCloud for Xiaomi, and expanding support for a wide range of Huawei Honor devices. This makes it an indispensable utility for managing and troubleshooting Android devices.

Tool VersionV2.2.0.5

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