TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 New Update Download 2024

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 New Update 2024:

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 New Update 2024, The TFT Tool QC Module has been updated to the latest version, offering support for more models, as detailed in the changelog section. The tool requires a paid version to perform any operations on your device. However, this update does not include support for devices with the SDM425 processor, such as the OPPO A3S. It is anticipated that support for these models will be included in the next update. TFM Tool New update MtkMTK Module (New), TFM Tool Pro Main Module.

TFM Tool Pro QC V2.1.0 New Update 2024

Features TFM Tool Pro QC:

The TFT Tool QC Module has been recently updated, enhancing support for various models; however, it currently lacks compatibility with devices featuring the SDM425 processor like the OPPO A3S. This update emphasizes expanded model coverage and improved functionality, requiring activation or purchase for full access.

  • Supports latest Vivo models and various other brands
  • Flash firmware on single or multiple programs
  • Read device information efficiently
  • Perform factory resets and reset FRP
  • Backup and restore EFS and QCN partitions

Models TFM Tool:

The TFT Tool QC Module has undergone an update to expand its support across a diverse range of popular smartphone models from brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Nokia. This update is significant as it enhances the tool's capability to manage and perform operations on these devices effectively. By including support for models such as Xiaomi's various MI and Redmi series, Oppo's A series, and Nokia's notable models like the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6, the tool now caters to a broader user base, providing comprehensive functionality for tasks such as firmware flashing, device information retrieval, and partition backups/restores. This update underscores the tool's commitment to staying current with the evolving landscape of mobile devices, ensuring users can perform tasks efficiently and effectively across a wide range of supported models.


In conclusion, the recent update to the TFT Tool QC Module represents a significant enhancement in its capability to support a wide variety of smartphones from major brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Nokia. By expanding its compatibility across these popular models, the tool ensures users have access to robust functionality for managing and servicing their devices effectively. This update underscores the tool's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of mobile device technicians and enthusiasts alike.

Tool NameTFM Tool Pro
Tool VersionV2.1.0

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