Unlock Tool 2024.07.02.1 New Latest Update

Unlock Tool 2024.07.02.1 New Latest Update:

Unlock Tool 2024.07.02.1 New Latest Update, The Unlock Tool is a comprehensive mobile repair platform designed for Windows computers, offering extensive capabilities. It enables direct FRP removal via Server BL Unlock and Relock By Server, alongside a myriad of advanced features across various tools. Users can harness its power for repairing Android and iOS devices, including functions like iCloud unlocking, jailbreaking, SN changing, and more.

Unlock Tool 2024.07.02.1 New Latest Update

Features Unlock Tool:

Unlock Tool 2024.07.02.1 New Latest Update, Unlock Tool is a powerful mobile repair platform for Windows computers, providing extensive capabilities for Android and iOS devices. It supports features like FRP removal via Server BL Unlock, iCloud unlocking, jailbreaking, SN changing, and more.

  • Bypass MiCloud 2024 via ADB for all models on MIUI 13/14
  • Free Auth Preloader mode support for chip MT6768 in Xiaomi and MTK Universal tab
  • Factory Reset, Erase FRP, Reset MiCloud, Flash, Readback capabilities
  • Supports: Redmi 13C (gale) Miui 14.0.6, Xiaomi Poco C65 (gale) Miui 14.0.6
  • Video instructions for Bypass MiCloud 2024

Update Unlock Tool:

Unlock Tool offers a comprehensive set of features for Windows computers, designed to enhance mobile device management and repair capabilities. It includes functions such as retrieving device information, flashing firmware without credit requirements, extracting OFP files, resetting FRP protection, deactivating Mi accounts on Xiaomi devices, transitioning from Fastboot to EDL mode, unlocking bootloaders, repairing basebands and network issues, restoring IMEI, performing factory resets and safe formats, and creating backups of device firmware.


In conclusion, Unlock Tool stands out as a robust solution for Windows-based mobile device repair and management, offering a wide array of essential and advanced functionalities. From basic operations like firmware flashing and factory resets to intricate tasks such as IMEI repair and bootloader unlocking, it caters to diverse needs in mobile device servicing. Its capability to perform these tasks without requiring credits or payments further enhances its utility, making it a valuable tool for both casual users and professional technicians alike.

Tool NameUnlock Tool

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